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We value our patients' experience at RXWELLNESS SPINE & HEALTH. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

*Please note that these are unique individual reviews. Your personal results may vary depending on your situation.

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Dr. Philip Golinsky
Your Herndon Chiropractor

Since I have been typing intensively at my job, I hurt my hands (it’s believed to be carpal tunnel syndrome), and I was in pain for several weeks. I tried not to use my hands as much as possible as suggested and used the ice pack by a medical doctor; the pain was not going away.When Dr. Golinsky gave me the laser treatment, I started feeling the difference in a few hours. The pain was almost gone the next morning, and I was very surprised because the difference was so huge. I still have some stiffness in my hands, but I am not suffering from the pain anymore. Thank you so much!*
-Chie K.

Dr Phil,
I just had to send you an email to let you know how much better I feel. I went home last night and did most of the exercises. I was stiff this morning, but stretched before getting out of bed and then did stretching in the shower. I feel so good this morning- you are wonderful!!! See you Thursday and Friday.*
-Gatie G.

Before I started coming to see Dr. Philip Golinsky, I had a lot of lower back pain and hip pain. As it turned out, my neck and lower back were out of alignment as well as my hips. I was extremely moody before that time of the month. Since going to see Dr. Golinsky, my neck, hips and lower back are now in alignment and I am no longer moody or as moody before that time of the month that I was before seeing Dr. Golinsky. I highly recommend him to any and everyone.*
-Robin P.

I have suffered with my right knee for years. I was unable to climb stairs pain free. Dr. Golinsky introduced me to a new laser procedure and open mindedly I tried it. I could not believe it. That very day I was able to go down and up again the stairs without pain. If you are experiencing joint pain I will recommend you ask Dr. Golinsky about the laser treatment for you joints. You won’t regret it.*
-Cherrie L.

I have been to a number of chiropractors over the years, but this is a unique place suited to individual needs. They try a variety of techniques and care about prevention. They are accommodating to busy schedules and spend more time with you when you need it. I am very pleased!*
-Ron S.

I have received treatment for about 6 months and I am very pleased with the progress I got coming to see you. I have less headaches ( I used to have headaches almost every day and take pain killers frequently). My lower back pain is gone (I used to wake up with sever lower back pain in the mornings). Last, my intestine is regular now. I do not have constipation problems anymore. Thanks Dr. Phil for your care and treatment.*

I first came to Dr. Golinsky’s office for neck pains caused by a fender bender. As a secondary time I had carpel tunnel in both hands. I was considering surgery to remedy the carpel tunnel. After just a few visits I could see noticeable improvements in both hands. The neck pain was gone immediately so I continue to come to Dr. Golinsky’s office for relief of my symptoms related to carpel tunnel.* 
-Lisa B.

After being in a head on collision at the end of February 2005, I started seeing Phil 3 times a week. I suffered from severe whiplash, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and a sprained ankle. After about 10 visits I was feeling at least 50% better and had full use of my neck again without pain. After about another 10-12 visits I was about 90% back to pain free days.*
-Julie H.

A few months ago, I was in a 60mph head on collision. Not wearing a seat belt, I sustained several injuries. One of the most disturbing was the loss of using my hands due to trauma. The pain in my hands and not being able to use them to cook or even lift a window, the frustration level was high. Café of Life aka Golinsky Specific Chiropractic introduced me to a new technology approved by the FDA, very successful at healing soft tissue trauma. After using the cold laser device only 3 times I have use of my hands and no pain. As a result, I was able to work on my tractor for 5 hours, plow my garden and level my driveway with no pain!*
-Karen D.

Dr. Phil, I just received your letter thanking me for being your patient and I just wanted to thank you. When I first came to you I suffered from headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. Since entrusting you with my care, my headaches are gone, my neck pain has disappeared, and we have made great strides with the lower back pain. In fact, since following your recommendation for the upper cervical adjustment, it has diminished greatly. Trusting you was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my healthcare. Everyone in your office is so professional, warm and friendly. So Dr. Phil, thank you!*
-Simone C.

Over the last six or seven years I have had a recurring problem with my lower back. A slight turn would cause a “twitch” and within three hours I would barely be able to walk or sit up. After going to the hospital twice and being given no explanation as to what was wrong and just given a prescription of drugs and rest, I would no longer go to the doctor. I would lie at home and deal with the pain for about three days and then I usually could go back to work. In October 2006 that was not the case. The pain did not go away and I was unable to walk for five days. I went to a sports doctor who put me into a physical therapy routine and traction. After three weeks there was no real improvement. I had been studying taekwondo do for two years and this was my first shot at my black belt. It seemed impossible. I met Dr. Golinsky at a Health Fair at work. Although I never believed that chiropractic care could help anyone, I was in a lot of pain and willing to try anything. After two visits I was feeling comfortable. By the end of the first two months I was pain free. The problem was probably caused by a fall I took almost eight years ago. I just completed my first tournament and took two gold medals. I am on target for my Black belt in May 2006. Thanks “Dr. Phil.”*
-Thomas B.

After suffering 15 years with FMS, and spending enormous amounts of money on every “lotion, potion, device” which I thought might bring some relief, I am overwhelmed by the progress I have made in just a few short visits to Dr. Golinsky. I am 95% better as far as pain relief goes and have begun to get my life and health back in order. Last week, walking was unbearable, like walking over hot coals, this week I am actually walking in almost no pain and am able to walk during lunch. Dr. Phil’s BRT approach is wonderful and provided me with instant relief! From someone who has been bed ridden with pain, I can hardly believe it.*
-Patricia M.

I came into the office after a car accident. My knee had suffered some serious trauma with little or no relief from the pain. The laser treatment that Dr. Phil used on my knee just one time brought immediate pain relief. I couldn’t believe it! I have now undergone two treatments on my left knee and one on my right, with immediate results. After almost three months of constant pain, this treatment really seems to work. I can’t wait to continue the treatment.*
-Will H.

As a PGA Professional, Dr. Golinsky improved my flexibility and range of motion, which benefitted my golf swing. As a patient, Dr. Golinsky’s treatments have created a better quality of life alleviating my migraine headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain, allowing me to play with my children, and perform physical tasks pain free. Both my golf game and my personal life have improved thanks to Dr. Golinsky’s diagnosis and treatments.*
-Dean G.

After my first ‘cold laser’ treatment, I noticed a decrease in pain. After the second treatment, the following day, I improved. Now, after my third treatment, I have full range of motion of my left shoulder. I’m very hopeful my pain will go away completely with further treatments… sure beats surgery. Actually, if the laser drops in price, I may consider buying one!*
-Cynthia A.

I came in to see Dr. Phil for my normal visit and I started to complain about my two fingers that I have arthritis in. He gave me this new laser treatment. Within 3 min the pain was completely gone. It was amazing!! I would have never believed it if I didn’t try it!*
-Sharon B.

More than two years ago I fell and hurt my leg. My regular doctor said that it was muscular and could not do anything besides muscle relaxants and pain killers. The pain comes and goes several times a year. I had one visit with Dr. Phil and one treatment with the cold laser and the pain went away. I went up and down two flights of stairs immediately after the treatment and could feel relief right away. With a pain in the muscle, there are only a few options; this choice obviously is the best since it is working on a fix, not just masking the pain.*
-Linda M.

My name is Luis and I am currently a patient in the Café of Life (aka Golinsky specific chiropractic) of Dr. Phillip. When I started visiting Dr. Philip I used to have some back problems which now are gone, in one of my regular visit I mention to him that I had a TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) problem since I was 14 years old, which is basically a click that I used to feel every time I open and close my mouth. I told him that when I used to study at dental school, one of my professors told me that I may need a surgery to fix that problem and even with the surgery this problem does not totally go away. He just advised me to leave it like that and hope that it does not get worse, but that I should do something if it start hurting and that was precisely what happened three months ago. I was working at the dental office as a dental assistant when one day this clicking became painful; the doctor gave me some muscle relaxants and the same diagnosis because the only way to fix the problem was surgery. Dr. Philip tried something different after I told him my case and since that day my pain disappeared and the problem is getting better. I don’t feel any more clicks. Thanks Dr. Philip Golinsky.*
-Luis P.

Dear Dr. Phil, as the new Benefits Coordinator at Software AG, it is my responsibility to coordinate the “Wellness Seminars” for our company. While I cannot claim responsibility for bringing Dr. Phil to Software AG, I am certainly glad that he volunteered to share his knowledge with our employees. On a personal note, I suffered from chronic fatigue, headaches and stress in my neck area. The headaches were actually a part of my daily life. After listening to Dr. Phil’s seminar on Back Care, I gained information that changed my life. Dr. Phil explained to me that my chronic headaches and back tension could be the result of poor alignment. He told me that we could implement a plan of action that would help me to live a healthier, happier life. After making the connection between my symptoms and back care wellness, I took a chance and scheduled my first appointment. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere at the office was extremely relaxing; which was comforting because I had never been to a chiropractor before. Since I began my care with Dr. Phil, my life has vastly improved. It is rare that I get a headache and I am able to function normally with unlimited movement. Chiropractic care has put me back in control of my life. I am now proactive with regards to my health and I encourage everyone to take the first step towards personal wellness.*
-Jenny W.

I had been having problems walking with my “peg-leg” because one felt shorter than the other, plus in sleeping at night, but most of all with memory loss. After 6 weeks of coming to see Phil, my problems with walking were corrected (I had had such a problem with it that I fell at work and broke my nose). Sleeping was much better, but the best part was being able to remember what I needed to in order to be able to work. Before every task was “new” nothing could be relied on as far as remembering how, work is almost a joy because I don’t have to re-invent the wheel for every task. That last item is the best gift of all, Thank you!*
-Sandra W.

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