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Frequently Asked Questions about Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain

Foot pain is a common, often debilitating issue that can rob you of your mobility and enjoyment of life. A soft tissue inflammation called plantar fasciitis is one of the principal causes of foot pain. Here are the answers to some of the questions our chiropractor, Dr. Phil Golinsky, frequently fields on the subject. For more information contact RXWELLNESS SPINE & HEALTH today at 703-904-9666. We are located in Herndon, VA and help patients from Reston, Chantilly, Sterling, and other surrounding areas in Virginia.

  • What is plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation of a band of connective tissue known as the plantar fascia, which stretches from the heel to the front of the foot. The plantar fascia is responsible for helping the medial arch of the foot maintain its ability to support your body's weight.
  • What are the symptoms of plantar fasciitis? The conditions' most distinguishing symptom is heel pain and stiffness that seems to be at its worst when you first start walking around just after awakening. The pain has been variously described as burning, aching or a sharp, stabbing sensation.
  • How did I get this type of foot pain? Plantar fasciitis can be caused or aggravated by obesity, poor arch support from your shoes, "flat feet" (pronation) or chronic misalignment that throw your body off balance.
  • What other conditions might be causing my foot pain? Foot pain, heel pain or ankle pain may also be associated with an athletic overuse injury, traumatic personal injuries, friction from an extra bone in the foot (a condition called Navicular accessory), arthritis, bursitis, Achilles tendonitis and other issues.
  • How can chiropractic care help my feet? Our chiropractor can detect misalignments within the bones of your feet as well as any misalignment of the spinal column that might be placing undue stress on you arches. Chiropractic adjustments to the problematic joints can then correct your structural alignment to allow for pain-free function.
  • How do you treat plantar fasciitis and other soft tissue problems? In addition to chiropractic adjustments that take stress off of soft tissues, we may prescribe other natural healing techniques to help you overcome your symptoms. These include cold laser therapy to speed cellular repair and relieve inflammation; Vibraflex to stimulate and strengthen your foot's muscles, tendons and ligaments; and electrotherapy to help injured muscles heal more quickly. We may also recommend the use of orthotics to provide extra arch support for individuals prone to plantar fasciitis due to flat feet.

Foot Pain Care for Chantilly, Sterling, Herndon and Reston

If you're suffering from some kind of foot pain, ultimately you'll want more than just answers -- you'll want relief. If you're in Herndon, Reston, Chantilly or Sterling, bring those aching feet to Golinsky Specific Chiropractic. Your chiropractor, Dr. Phil Golinsky and his team will be happy to perform a detailed examination of your gait, stance, posture, alignment and any underlying injuries or chronic conditions you may have to determine the source of your foot pain, ankle pain or heel pain and provide the necessary treatment. You'll be glad you walked into your clinic! Call us today at 703-904-9666.

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