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Auto Accident Treatment and Chiropractic Care in Herndon, VA

Automobile accidents cause more incidents of whiplash and back injuries than any other type of accident. Many accident victims experience “stoved-up”, or stiffened muscles, sharp, radiating pain throughout their body and decreased range of motion because the body was not "prepared" for the sudden, severe jolt at the moment of impact. Consequently, car accident victims may also suffer spinal misalignment, torn muscles and a condition known as “delayed onset muscle soreness” that prevents them from working or performing normal daily activities. Whiplash, herniated discs or spinal contusions are usually the result of hyperflexion and hyperextension, or the process of being thrown forward and backward violently and rapidly.

Chiropractic Relieves the Pain and Stiffness of Auto Accident Injuries

RxWellness Spine & Health in Herndon offers a variety of effective treatments that stimulate the body's natural healing process while improving muscle and ligament flexibility. Through adjustment and manipulation of the spine, vertebrae and surrounding tissues, Drs. Golinsky can realign your vertebrae, stimulate fresh blood flow to muscles and relieve pressure on discs and nerves responsible for back and spine integrity.

What is Whiplash?

The medical acronym for whiplash is CAD, or cervical acceleration-deceleration disorder and describes a severe injury to the neck and upper back incurred by slower-speed auto accidents. Symptoms of whiplash include:

Numbness and tingling in the arms

Neck pain and stiffness

Recurring headaches

Pain between the shoulder blades

Dizziness, fatigue and insomnia

Concentration and memory problems

Accident victims diagnosed with whiplash have experienced extreme stretching of a spinal ligament called the anterior longitudinal ligament. This happens when the head is violently whipped forward and immediately backward at the moment of impact.

What is an Adjustment and Manipulation Procedure?

Adjustment and manipulation involves your chiropractor applying pressure to specific areas of the spine using his hands or a chiropractic device designed to gently move vertebrae into their correct positions. Adjustments are not painful but patients may hear a cracking sound called joint cavitation. This indicates your chiropractor has released a buildup of gases (specifically, nitrogen and oxygen) within spinal joints. When these gases are released, pressure is reduced within the joint, leading to the dissolution of gases and the emergence of a "bubble". The popping sound heard is simply the bubble collapsing and the joint returning to normal--but without the buildup of gases responsible for pain and inflammation.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy uses low power lasers to modify and stimulate cellular functioning, reduce inflammation and pain and accelerate healing of damaged tissues. LLLT works by increasing cellular energy (ATP) and minimizing oxidative stress responsible for muscle and ligament inflammation. For auto accident victims suffering whiplash, delayed onset muscle soreness and other musculoskeletal problems, LLLT can provide relief from pain and stiffness without the need for prescription medications.

RxWellness Spine & Health Can Help

For more information about how chiropractic treatments can relieve back, neck and spine pain resulting from auto accidents, call our Herndon VA office today at 703-904-9666. Our office provides chiropractic services to Herndon, Reston, Sterling, Chantilly and the surrounding VA area.

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