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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a complementary and alternative medical health care profession with an approach to healing, concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractors emphasize manual therapy including joint adjustments and manipulations with a particular focus on joint dysfunction/ subluxations. Most people who seek chiropractic care do so for low back pain, headache and migraines, neck pain  or auto accident related injuries.
At Golinsky Specific Chiropractic, we utilize a vast array of techniques chosen for each patient individually. The techniques offered in the office include: Diversified Technique, Kale Upper Cervical Technique, Low Force Adjusting Technique, Body Restorative Technique, as well as an array of physical therapy modalities (i.e. Graston/ Pinch and Hold Technique). Dr. Phil received his doctorate in chiropractic medicine and has been board certified by the State of Virginia.

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