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ORTHOMETRIX, INC. has developed the VibraFlex® 450 using our internationally patented Galileo vibration technology which causes the device to function in the specific uni-directional, oscillating pattern. The VibraFlex® 450 is defining a new revolution in rehabilitation and physical therapy by mechanically stimulating your muscles at a specific frequency, typically 12-27 Hz. Targeted muscles are given 12-27 impulses per second, causing them to contract and relax by the natural, involuntary, muscle stretch reflex, 12-27 times per second. At this optimal range, a one minute therapy session will produce approximately 1,500 contract/ relax cycles.

 The VibraFlex® 450 was designed to allow you to benefit from exercise without the constraints of conventional exercise (i.e. stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, numerous repetitions, etc.). Therapy sessions of only 2-3 minutes, twice a week produce measurable results. Don’t let a debilitating condition due to injury or disease stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest. 


  • Increases flexibility and range of motion

  • Eliminates the effects of stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, compared to conventional exercise

  • Improves balance and coordination leading to less falls hence fewer fractures

  • Improves mobility

  • Improves postural reflexes

  • Less stress on the cardiovascular system

  • Stimulates the neuromuscular system

  • Improves leg circulation for people with diabetes

  • Increases oxygenation in the blood

  • Washes out lactic acid and amino acids in the body

  • Increases overall muscle performance

  • Reduces the pain and disability associated with osteoarthritis

  • Reduces acute and chronic lower back pain

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