10 Reasons to See a Car Accident Chiropractor for Pain Relief

The severity of car accidents varies from case to case scenarios. There are many factors that contribute to the damage done to not only the car, but the human body. Speed, force of impact, direction hit, and debris all play a devastating role. The worst injuries sustained are often visible to the naked eye like broken bones, scrapes, cuts, and other types of open wounds. However, there are equally severe injuries that aren’t always seen like concussions, internal organ damage, and injury to the spine. Spinal injuries, including whiplash, are one of the most common car accident injuries. The degree of damage for this injury also varies. Symptoms of whiplash may not reveal itself until a few days after a car accident. One of the professional medical fields most qualified to handle whiplash injuries are chiropractors. The following is a list of 10 reasons to see a car accident chiropractor for pain relief from your whiplash and back injuries.

1)Chiropractors Treat The Underlying Injury

If you are experiencing back pain or neck pain a medical doctor may have prescribed pain medication to manage your pain symptoms. However, it doesn’t treat the cause. Your back or neck pain may be caused by a spinal misalignment. When the spine is misaligned it pinches your nerves and pushes against your muscles in an unnatural way cause pain. Chiropractors are able to treat this condition by realigning your spine which gives you lasting pain relief.

RxWellness Car Accident Chiropractor for Pain Relief

2)Your Spine Gets Realigned

There are many benefits that come from receiving a spinal adjustment. When your spine gets realigned it relieves any undue pressure on your muscles and nerves giving pain relief. Realigning your spine is extremely important to avoid chronic conditions in the future. If your car accident injuries go left untreated it may cause chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, and other conditions that require surgery. In addition to your injury being treated, when your spine is realigned it may allow for other bodily processes to function better. This includes a stronger immune system.

3)Non-Invasive Treatment

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive treatment. There are no surgical procedures in chiropractic care, nor do chiropractors prescribe heavy pain medication. Instead, chiropractors use manual manipulations to realign your spine. They may even use massage therapy to relieve muscle tension and promote healing to the microtears in your soft tissue injury.

4)Drug Free Treatment

RxWellness Car Accident Chiropractor for Pain Relief

Chiropractors believe in natural ways to treat your pain so you can avoid heavy pain medication. In addition to the chiropractic treatment you receive in the office, chiropractors may suggest vitamin supplements for you to take, exercises to strengthen your muscles, using ice to reduce swelling, and electric stimulation devices to ease pain, tension, and swelling.

5)Chiropractic Treatment Is Safe

There are many misconceptions about the safety of chiropractic. Chiropractic care is very safe as long as you seek our an experienced and qualified chiropractor. A professional chiropractor will walk you through any questions you may have about the process and treatment.

6)Avoid Chronic Conditions

When car accident injuries go left untreated chronic conditions could develop between one to five years. A person could have severe arthritis by the time they are 30 if a car accident injury was left untreated in their teens. Many may experience chronic migraines or find difficulty completing every day tasks. Insomnia is another condition that may develop. Car Accident chiropractors help victims of car accidents avoid these conditions and experience lasting pain relief.

RxWellness Car Accident Chiropractor for Pain Relief

7)Chiropractors Treat Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are another type of injury that car accident chiropractors treat. Soft tissue injuries involve microtears in muscle tissue, swelling, bruising, extreme sensitivity, and resistance to movement. Some therapies chiropractors use to treat soft tissue injuries are cold laser therapy, massage therapy, and physical therapy.

8)Document Your Recovery

If you are in a legal battle over your car accident, chiropractors keep extensive doctors notes describing your injuries and your progress every visit. These medical notes can be vital in winning your case against the insurance companies.

9)Save Money On Future Treatment

When you seek out a car accident chiropractor to treat your injury, you can save money on future treatment. You’ll avoid chronic conditions that could require expensive medication, avoid surgeries, and avoid countless doctor visits unable to diagnose the cause of your pain.

10)Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic care is now covered by most major medical insurance plans. When you schedule your appointment ask the chiropractor office to check your benefits. However, if you are not at fault in the accident, you may not have to pay any out of pocket expenses to see a chiropractor. If the other party has accepted liability their auto insurance will cover your medical costs. A third method of payment is calling your auto insurance to see if you pay for medical expense benefits in your plan. They could cover up to $5000 of medical expenses.

RxWellness Spine & Health Auto Injury Treatment

At RxWellness Spine & Health we have doctors who are experts in treating car accident injuries. We have an entire team dedicated to getting you back on your feet pain free. Our car accident services include chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical therapy. Depending on the severity of your auto injury you may require an individualized program utilizing all three services. We also handle your auto accident case and talk to the liable insurance companies on your behalf to request payment. If you have a complicated case or are seeking extra security we can refer you to our trusted attorneys to make sure you get the settlement you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call our office at 703-904-9666 and schedule your consultation. We are located 950 Herndon Parkway #130, Herndon, VA 20170.

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