5 Reasons to Have Physical Therapy After A Car Accident

There are 272 million vehicles in operation on the roads and highways throughout the United States. Out of these operating motor vehicles, there are on average 6 million car accidents with 3 million people injured, and 2 million people sustaining permanent damage. Many of those people with permanent injuries could have been avoided with proper care. The most common type of injury is whiplash. It can occur in any type of car accident, but is especially common in rear end collisions. Whiplash is treated through a combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy. Our team at RxWellness Spine & Health is here to ensure your recovery with the proper techniques.

Here are the top 5 reasons why our patients should have physical therapy after a car accident

1) Physical Therapy Supports the Recovery Process

Symptoms of whiplash and other car accident injuries may not appear until a few days to a couple of weeks after an accident. It is important to seek immediate care from a chiropractor to address the underlying issue. After receiving spinal adjustments to correct the position of your spine, physical therapy is implemented to strengthen your muscles. Physical Therapy supports the work of chiropractic and aids in a faster recovery process.

2) Physical Therapy Prevents Long-Term Damage

Your body will heal on its own. However, that does not mean your body will heal correctly. It is likely that you have torn ligaments and micro tears in your muscle tissue that will scar over internally and can cause chronic pain or arthritis down the road. To avoid chronic pain and long-term damage, physical therapy helps the muscles to strengthen and heal correctly. It is also recommended to receive a chiropractic adjustment before PT treatment so the physical therapy exercises do not strengthen and heal over a misaligned spine.

RxWellness Physical Therapy After A Car Accident

3) Active Rehabilitation Helps Reduce Pain

It might seem counter-productive to move around if your in pain from injuries in a car accident, but movement can actually help reduce pain. Oxygenated blood and other nutrients are pumped through movement to the injury which allows the body to heal itself. Our physical therapy program is individualized to your needs and pain sites. Each exercise has a specific purpose to improve mobility and reduce pain.

4) Physical Therapy & Chiropractic May Help You Avoid Surgery

Many surgeries involving the spine, hips, shoulders, and knees may be avoidable later in life if you treat your car accident injuries sooner than later. With chiropractic adjustments your joints and ligaments won’t deteriorate as quickly and physical therapy will support healthy muscle tissue.

5)Physical Therapy Restores Range of Motion & Physical Capabilities

If you allowed your car accident injury to fester and heal wrong then you may experience a very limited range of motion in your body than before the accident. However, if you accept treatment with physical therapy after the car accident you may be able to restore your range of motion. We want your body back to optimal function.

Why You Should Choose Physical Therapy After A Car Accident with RxWellness

At our wellness clinic RxWellness Spine & Health we believe in giving our patients a pain free, drug free experience focused on natural solutions. Our services and treatment programs include chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

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