Are Chiropractors Essential

This year has truly been one for the record books, featuring events that better fit a dystopian novel than a news briefing. We have read about pandemics in history books, or about those horrific global events that affected large portions of the human population; but usually, once we close the text, and take the test, that would be the end of that. However, the Covid-19 global pandemic has changed so much for us and has forced us to redefine our parameters for safety. It has caused us to question what is essential and what is not, and some people might be asking are chiropractors essential? At RxWellness in Reston, VA our chiropractors are indispensable, and our patients never question their importance.    

Yes, Chiropractors Are Essential Workers 

The word essential has been used a lot in recent months, specifically in reference to workers and businesses that are allowed to remain open when others have had to close. The Department of Homeland Homeland Security and The American Chiropractic Association have both deemed chiropractic care as an essential service. This means that if you are suffering from back pain, injury, or discomfort then you can make an appointment at RxWellness and one of our certified chiropractors will consult with you. They will do everything they can to make sure you leave the office feeling better than when you arrived. Not only are chiropractors essential businesses, but they are essential to health care. People who see chiropractors for injuries on average have faster recovery times, and people who see chiropractors regularly for routine care are healthier over time. 

Yes, Chiropractic Care is Essential to Health Care

You are probably wondering what the benefits are of chiropractic care if you are not experiencing back pain or recovering from an injury. Many people do not think of chiropractic care as being routine, but there are many benefits, immediate and long-term, to adding a few chiropractic visits to your yearly appointments schedule. Chiropractic care is a natural drug-free way to heal the body, which works best when done over time. Patients who add chiropractic visits into their wellness regime receive the highest benefits over a long period of time. 

RxWellness hiropractors Essential

Short-Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care

When people are injured or in pain, they might make an appointment with a doctor; but if you are experiencing any of the symptoms below and are looking for a drug-free method to pain management and symptom relief then consider consulting with a chiropractor. Some short term benefits of working with a chiropractor are relief from: 

    • Tension headache
    • Migraines 
    • Back pain and discomfort 
    • Relief from a cricked neck
    • Whiplash 
    • Shoulder Pain

If you are experiencing any of the following problems, then consulting with a chiropractor from RxWellness in Reston, VA can help you feel better and heal faster. When you meet with the doctor they will take you through the first stage of care, which is called relief care. This is when the doctor listens to your symptoms and your concerns and customizes your session with the goal of leaving you feeling better than when you walked in the door. 

RxWellness hiropractors Essential

Long-Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care 

People find it much easier to see a chiropractor when they are injured or in pain, as opposed to visiting one routinely as a preventative measure to serious injury. Most people just have a difficult time fitting it into their busy schedule, but there are many positive benefits to working with a chiropractor that many people could be missing out on. Some of the long term benefits of working with a chiropractor or are: 

    • Stronger immune system
    • Better sleep
    • Elevated moods and energy
    • Increase in flexibility 
    • Greater focus and concentration
    • Increase range of motion

It is much easier to plan a few routine chiropractic appointments into your busy schedule than to clear your entire schedule and dedicate countless hours to recovering from an injury. Chiropractic care is not a guaranteed defense from injury, but it does put you in the best possible position to avoid it. 

RxWellness hiropractors Essential

Essential Chiropractic Care At RxWellness 

How are chiropractors essential to our Reston, VA patients, and what services do our RxWellness team provide to help our patients either recover from injury or avoid it? Our team provides a wide array of services designed to be personalizable and customizable to each patient and their Wellness needs. Some of the services available in the Reston, VA area are: 

RxWellness hiropractors Essential

If you are injured, your certified RxWellness chiropractor will listen to your symptoms and concerns, and then create a relief plan designed to alleviate the pain. The purpose of this initial visit and the recommendations are to get you feeling better, and in a position where you can function without constant pain.

If you are seeking maintenance/routine care then the chiropractors at RxWellness in Reston, VA may perform adjustments as needed or have the massage therapist do soft tissue work to keep your body at its optimal level. If you work a physically demanding job, spend a lot of time at the gym, or are an avid runner then maintenance care can be the best preventative care for an injury. Patients who work routinely with a chiropractor report better health benefits over time. 

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This year has truly been something to tell your grandchildren about, and when they look up at you with wonder in their eyes and ask if it was really that bad, you can say, “Yes it was, but I survived it with the help of the essential chiropractors at RxWellness.” Hopefully, after reading through the benefits of chiropractic care you no longer wonder whether or not chiropractic care is essential. So while others may still be asking, “are chiropractors essential,” you will be enjoying the full benefits of the short and long-term care that comes with consulting a certified chiropractor at RxWellness in Reston, VA. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 1+(703) 904 9666 or book an appointment online.