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Sprains & Strains in Herndon

Sprain: A sprain is a stretching or tearing of a supporting ligament of a joint by forced movement beyond its normal range of motion.Severe sprains may result in total rupture of ligaments and permanent joint instability if not treated. Ligaments are used to stabilize joints and allow for movement in a specific direction, thus multiple ligaments may be involved if the injury is directed at a shoulder, knee or hip. Car accidents have the capability of causing both sprains and strains to the driver and passengers.

Signs of a sprain:

  • pain
  • marked swelling
  • hemorrhage
  • loss of function

Muscle Strain: A strain is the tearing got a muscle or tendon. A strain is is caused by excessive stretching or forceful contraction beyond the normal capacity of a muscle. It is often associated with improper exercise warm-up, fatigue, previous injury or car accidents. Severity can range from a mild tear to complete rupture of a singe muscle.

Signs of a strain:

  • temporary weakness
  • spasm
  • pain
  • bruising

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