We will simplify the treatment process– from rendering care, to getting your bills taken care of, including any lost wages.


Injured In An Accident?

Even the slightest pain can result in long-term impacts if not properly treated.


Seeking Cost-Free Care?

A. If it is NOT your fault and the other party accepted responsibility OR
B. If you have PIP (MD/DC) or Medpay (VA), care is covered regardless of fault.
Cost of Treatment is FREE.


Get Treatment Immediately

The quicker you begin care, the greater the chance of having a full recovery.


Pay Nothing

We will handle all the required paperwork to get your bills paid by the other party and ensure no cost to you.

Why Choose Us

When looking for a team to care for your health, seek out the best! Our chiropractic centers are the largest facilities in northern Virginia, with top-notch staff to care for you and your family. Our team members and clinicians are highly trained and provide exceptional customer care and service. In addition to top-rated doctors, we pride ourselves in having the best Patient Care Specialists and Massage Therapists on staff to care for your health, from initial injury or pain consultation to complete recovery. We take pride in our family-oriented environment and our staff upholds that philosophy in every interaction–we care for patients the same way we would care for family.

Look no further than RxWellness Spine & Health to deliver the best in chiropractic health care in the Northern Virginia area. We are the #1 rated chiropractic clinic in the region and have received more reviews from our clients than any other practice.

Don't Act Too Late

In order to be fully covered, you must start treatment within 21 days from the date of your accident. Act fast so your care will be at NO COST to you!

About the practice

Dr. Golinsky and his team have been treating Auto cases for over 22 years and are considered experts in the field. His practice is top ranked and most patient-reviewed in the Northern Virginia area. Personal Injury cases require someone who specializes in this field, so don’t delay your medical care after you have been injured in a car wreck. Car accidents, even from a moving vehicle going LESS than 5 miles per hour can cause whiplash and other soft tissue related injuries.

Dr. Philip Golinsky understands the need for medical care after a car accident is crucial and works on a medical lien; he doesn’t’ get paid until you get paid. There is another option many don’t know about. It’s called Medical Payments (Med Pay). This is optional coverage, so speak to your insurance broker and ask if you had been paying for this additional coverage. Medical payments cover necessary and reasonable medical cost if you have been injured in a car accident. It covers you and anyone in your car. It does not matter who was at-fault. If you are at-fault in a car accident and you are injured, you can go get medical care and file it under Med Pay. Dr. Philip Golinsky’s office will file all the necessary paperwork for you so you can concentrate on the healing process.

Our Office

We utilize the latest technology and diagnostic exams to ensure our patients receive cutting-edge care that treats the root cause of health problems.

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