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Back pain relief in Herndon may seem hard to come by for people with chronic or frequent pain. You may find that sitting, standing, and sleeping suddenly become exhausting. On top of that, no amount of rest or pain pills seem to be working. Rest assured, you are not the only one experiencing the sleepless nights, and days filled with pestering pain and soreness. In fact, 70-85% of people experience low back pain in their life and for 80% it becomes a repeating pattern.

So what is the problem and how do you obtain long lasting back pain relief?

The Problem: Spinal Misalignment

Have you ever lifted something very heavy and felt  shooting pain in your back? Or maybe you made a sudden twist or turn of the body causing sharp pain? The majority of us are familiar with such scenarios, and we use the common phrase “I threw my back out”.

This phrase is not far from the truth at all. What happened in that moment is that your spine was knocked or pushed out of alignment. This can happen for many reasons. Many individuals do not realize the crucial functions of the spine and the muscles supporting the spine. If the spine has been pushed out of alignment, it puts extra pressure on the muscles. This causes tightness and tension. The constant tension prevents the individual from feeling any back pain relief for more than a few minutes.

Without treatment the tension continues to build until it becomes painful. Over time the muscles become accustomed to the misalignment. It will build and strengthen around the new position of the spine. Most believe the best solution is to take over the counter pills to get back pain relief. They might even seek out a prescribed muscle relaxer. However, this only temporarily numbs the symptoms and never addresses the root problem: your spine is not in alignment.

The Solution for Back Pain Relief: Chiropractic Care and Posture Re-Education

The good news for everyone is that back pain relief in Herndon is possible. It is possible because of doctors who are trained to realign the spine: Chiropractors.

Doctors of Chiropractic are specialists of the spine and other extremities. They are able to correct the misalignment through manual adjustments, and using the latest technology. This provides instant back pain relief for many patients, and no longer need to rely on drugs.

In addition to a chiropractic adjustment, there is another step in the process to gaining long term back pain relief. It is highly recommended that after receiving a spinal adjustment to receive physical therapy focused on global postural re-education.

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Better Posture Helps With Back Pain Relief

Global postural re-education is a type of physical therapy that focuses on strengthening the core of the individual. With a strengthened core, the muscles will be re-educated to hold the spine with the corrected alignment. This approach is based off the principle that everything is connected, especially the muscular system. It is the combination of chiropractic care and postural re-education that give the patient the best chance for back pain relief.

This holistic method of postural re-education involves a series of active gentle movements and postures aimed at:

1) Aligning the joints

2) Stretching shortened muscles

3) Strengthening weakened muscles to hold better postural alignment

The patient must be willing to actively participate in this method of therapy to see the results and experience back pain relief.

How We Can Help You Get Back Pain Relief

Here at RxWellness Spine & Health, we implement a combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy together. This is the ideal treatment method for patients with frequent or chronic back pain. We want our patients to experience lasting results. Our mission is to provide natural solutions for drug-free, pain-free living. So if you’ve been searching for back pain relief in Herndon, we encourage you to make an appointment at 703-904-9666 for a consultation. We can help you experience back pain relief in Herndon by combining chiropractic and physical therapy treatment together. We are located at 950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 130, Herndon, VA 20170.

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