Best Auto Accident Doctor in Rockville, MD 

Best Auto Accident Doctor in Rockville, MD

An auto accident can be very sudden and can happen at the most unexpected time. It can happen 40 miles from home, or down the street from your favorite grocery store. The best way to be prepared for an accident is to create a detailed plan to follow if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation. If you are conscious and do not need to be taken to the emergency room by EMS, you still want to make sure you schedule a consultation with the best auto accident doctor in Rockville, Md as soon as possible. This is important to make sure there are no serious long-term effects, and may even be useful when filing your insurance claim. The chiropractic team at RxWellness Spine & Health in Rockville is here to assist you with your auto accident needs, and we are happy to provide whatever assistance we can, so you can focus on recovery. 

RxWellness Best Auto Accident Doctor in Rockville

What Should I Do if I Was Involved in an Auto Accident 

After an auto accident, your adrenaline is high and it may be difficult to concentrate on small details. Your number one priority is to remain safe, this may include turning off the car, removing the keys, and safely exiting the vehicle if possible. You also want to seek help and call 911 as soon as possible. Some insurance companies may require a police report when filing a claim, so it is always a good idea to contact the authorities. 

You also want to gather as much information as possible about the other party involved in the accident. It’s important to get their name, phone number, insurance information, and any other details that may be useful. Also make a detailed account of the date, time, exact location, and WRITE THEM DOWN while it is still fresh. If you don’t have a pen and paper handy, grab your phone and jot down some quick notes. 

RxWellness Best Auto Accident Doctor in Rockville

If possible, try to log the information of any witnesses on the scene. If anyone saw what happened, ask them if they would be willing to provide their information in case the insurance company wants to contact them. 

Stay calm, keep quiet, and try not to speculate on what you think might have happened. Don’t give a statement to the other party’s insurance company without consulting a lawyer first, and take as many pictures of the scene as possible. 

What Should I Do If I Was Injured in an Auto Accident? 

You always want to schedule an appointment to get yourself examined by a medical professional. This will be beneficial when filing your insurance claim or if you have to go to trial. But Regardless of what happens with the insurance companies and the lawyers, your top priority is protecting your health. You should get examined to be sure you do not have any serious injuries or complications that may slowly get worse. If you schedule your consultation with RxWellness Spine & Health, we will take x-rays, detail notes, and begin any necessary treatments designed to heal any damages from the accident. 

RxWellness Best Auto Accident Doctor in Rockville

I Need to Find the Best Auto Accident Doctor In Rockville, MD

It is always a good idea to get examined by a medical professional, even if you feel fine. Sometimes your body may be in shock and you may be unable to feel the full extent of your injuries. You may unknowingly make a small injury worse by walking around or putting too much pressure on the wrong spot. When you talk with the chiropractic team at RxWellness Spine & Health, we will conduct an examination and complete tests to ensure there are no underlying damages. Our goal will be to make sure you are not injured or treat any injuries immediately to prevent them from being problems that follow you for the next 10 years. 

RxWellness Spine & Health for Recovery 

At RxWellness Spine & Health, we have a special auto accident case manager that is solely responsible for handling auto accident claims. Our case manager is an expert in talking to insurance companies, working with lawyers, and handling auto accident claims. Your focus should be on your recovery, and we will do everything possible to handle all the stressful paperwork. Our doctors will work to pinpoint the source of your problem and then create a care plan that will help you see results. When it comes to auto accident injuries, the sooner you begin working with a chiropractor the better your outlook for recovery. 

RxWellness Best Auto Accident Doctor in Rockville

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If you find yourself involved in an auto accident, your top priority is your wellness. You want to make sure you are safe, uninjured, and receive whatever care you need that will help you stay pain-free. If you are looking to get examined by the best auto accident doctor in Rockville, MD, look no farther than RxWellness Spine & Health. We have special treatments designed to help you recover, and a team dedicated to helping you avoid stress. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1+(703) 904 9666 or book a consultation online. We are located at 15001 Shady Grove Rd Suite 140, Rockville, MD 20850.