Best Chiropractor in Fair Oaks, VA

Best Chiropractor in Fair Oaks, VA

Health is a broad concept that encompasses a wide variety of meanings that range from emotional to physical and is an interconnected string of links that contribute to the make-up of a well-rounded individual. Some people view health as a primary concern, so maintaining it is second nature, while others see it as a second thought and in connection with pain relief. Regardless of how you view your health, chiropractic care can be a great resource in helping you stay healthy, pain-free, and operating at your best. If you are ready to give holistic care a chance and are looking for the best chiropractor in Fair Oaks, Va, contact RxWellness Spine & Health for an all-encompassing care plan to help you see the best results in the most appropriate time frame possible.

What Is Chiropractic Care? backmassage

Chiropractic care focuses on treating the body by promoting proper alignment to allow optimal nervous system functions. Injuries, illness, incorrect posture, and repetitive motion can cause complications that prevent the nerves from effectively regulating various systems throughout the body. Chiropractors attempt to achieve optimal nervous system function by using hands-on spinal manipulation techniques to realign the spine and facilitate the communication of the nerves. Under the right conditions, the body has everything it needs to heal itself, so the chiropractor attempts to create those conditions. They use spinal adjustments and various other treatments, like Active Release Technique, dry needling, and cupping to achieve the best conditions that allow the body to heal. Chiropractors understand that if the nerves can freely communicate, the body can fully heal. 

What Are The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care can be very effective at relieving pain and maintaining discomfort. Unfortunately, many people only ever consider contacting a chiropractor when they have been involved in an accident or suffered some type of severe injury. However, chiropractic care can be very beneficial for people who are otherwise very healthy. Some of the benefits of chiropractic care include: 

RxWellness Best Chiropractor in Fair Oaks

Chiropractic care can also be very effective as preventative care because it maintains the body’s communication network and optimal joint functions. There are many benefits to chiropractic care, and at RxWellness Spine & Health the doctors will be happy to go over the effectiveness as well as what to expect from continued care.  


Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractors are board-certified chiropractic professional with specializations like Active Release Technique and dry needling. They have years of patient-focused experience and a deep well of chiropractic knowledge. When you book an appointment with us, our chiropractors will listen to your list of presented symptoms and recommend the best care plan to help you see the most results in the shortest possible time frame. During your initial consultation, you are encouraged to be as detailed as possible and ask as many questions as necessary. Our chiropractors will take x-rays in house and do tests to try and get a complete understanding of your condition, and the more information you provide, the better they are able to customize your treatment plan. 

Chiropractic Care and RxWellness Spine & Health 

At RxWellness Spine & Health, we believe in the importance of natural, holistic, and drug-free treatment. When you visit our facility, you can relax knowing we put your wellness at our highest priority. We always do everything possible to understand the reason for your visit, so we can create a plan that gives you the most relief. In addition to chiropractic care, the doctor may also combine some of the following treatments with your wellness plan to help you experience the most relief. 


This is not a complete list of treatments that can be combined with chiropractic care. When you have your initial consultation, the doctor will use the information gathered during the consultation to design a personalized care plan to help you see the most relief. That care plan may consist of the above treatments or something else entirely. At RxWellness Spine & Health, we have the best chiropractor in Fair Oaks, Va, and the most talented massage therapist in the area who will work together to create the most comprehensive treatment to help you see the most results. 


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Your health is an asset that will optimize your quality of life, and proper diet and exercise can go a long way, but maintenance care from the best chiropractor in Fair Oaks, VA can make all the difference. It is helpful to always work with a professional that understands your long-term wellness goals, and the chiropractors at RxWellness Spine & Health truly understand lifelong wellness. If you are looking for quality care that relieves symptoms and effectively improves healing, the chiropractors at RxWellness Fair Oaks are your best resource. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, give us a call at +1 (703) 904 9666 or book your appointment online. We are located at 360 Maple Avenue West, Suite B, Vienna, VA 22180.