Can Chiropractic Care Help With Fertility

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Fertility 

Many couples who struggle with trying to conceive a child. Infertility is a fairly common problem among married couples, but with the right intervention, many of them are able to see favorable results. Couples who look for natural treatment options often wonder, can chiropractic care help with fertility? At RxWellness Spine & Health, specialize in drug-free non-invasive methods to help our patients see favorable results. If you are having trouble conceiving, learn more and see if chiropractic care could be right for you.  


Roughly 9% of men and 11% of women in marital relationships have issues with fertility. In one-third of those relationships, the problem is with the man, the other one-third is the woman, and the last third is undefined or both. The CDC defines infertility as being unable to conceive after a year or more of unprotected sex with your partner( 6 months or more for women over 35). 

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Causes of Infertility In Women 

Infertility among women is more common than people think and can be the result of a variety of different conditions. Some common causes of female infertility can include : 

  • Ovulation disorder 
  • Abnormalities with the cervix or uterine 
  • Damage to the fallopian tube 

Causes of Infertility In Men 

When people think of infertility, it is often thought of as an issue affecting only females. However, males can be affected as well. In about 8% of couples with fertility problems, the only identifiable cause is a male issue. Some common contributions to male infertility are: 

  • Abnormal sperm production 
  • Sexual performance problems, like premature ejaculation 
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Alcohol 
  • Marijuana 
  • Anabolic steroids 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Depression 
Chiropractic May Help With

Risk Factors for Both Male and Female Infertility

Infertility can be the combination of different genetic and environmental factors and how they interact in a person’s life. Sometimes infertility is not preventable, however, certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing complications with conception.  Some risk factors for both male and female infertility include:  

  • Age
  • Tobacco use 
  • Weight, both being overweight and underweight
  • Smoking 

Home Remedies to Improve and Prevent  Infertility 

Some couples who experience trouble with fertility are sometimes able to see positive results by making a few simple lifestyle changes

  • Avoid an excessive amount of alcohol 
  • Maintain a healthy weight (aiming to no be overweight or underweight) 
  • Reduce your caffeine intake 
  • Adopt an active lifestyle and get your body in shape 
  • Add fiber to your diet
  • Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates

Depending on the underlying reason for why a couple is unable to conceive, these changes may be ineffectual. It is important to talk to your doctor about your condition to get a full understanding of your body. 

RxWellness Chiropractic Care Help With Fertility

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Fertility

The purpose of chiropractic care is to treat the body from the inside out by straightening out any spinal subluxation that may be creating interference. For example, your nerves pass through the spinal cord from the brain on their way to the rest of your body. If one of those nerves are pinched or compressed their ability to relay messages from the brain will be severely inhibited. Spinal adjustments aim to clear that pathway so there is optimal communication between the brain and the organs of the body. 

After receiving regular chiropractic treatment, many patients experience an overall improvement. And, if you receive regular chiropractic adjustments, it can put your body in the best possible position to conceive. In short, chiropractic care cannot cure infertility, but it does promote healthier organ functions and easier communication that is vital while trying to have a baby. 

RxWellness Chiropractic Care Help With Fertility

RxWellness and Chiropractic Care for Fertility 

At RxWellness Spine & Health, we will listen to your concerns and conduct a full consultation and examination in an attempt to further identify any possible areas of concern. Your chiropractor will then create a custom treatment plan to help you see positive results. Our goal will be to help get your body functioning at its optimal level, and this will allow for an easier transference of information between vital organs. We will do everything possible to help you see favorable results. 

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There have been studies that have shown that chiropractic care can have a positive impact on fertility, so schedule a consultation and see if working with a qualified chiropractic professional can work for you. It is also very important to remember that you could have done everything right, followed every piece of advice, eaten every recommended fruit, and still have fertility issues. In some cases, there are no preventative measures you could have taken to prevent infertility, and it is okay. If you want to book a consultation, or are still wondering can chiropractic care help with fertility, then give us a call at 1+(703) 904 9666 or book an appointment online. Our RxWellness Spine & Health corporate office is located at 950 Herndon Pkwy Suite 130, Herndon, VA 20170, and we also have offices located in Tysons Corner, Arlington, VA and Rockville, Md.