Car Accident Injury Claim in Tysons Corner, VA

Paul was recently involved in a car accident on his way home from work. The damages to the car were minimal, just a small dent to his rear fender. Paul called the police immediately after the incident, and his and the other driver’s statement was recorded. Paul and the other driver exchanged insurance information and were both able to drive away from the scene without any major complications. The driver that hit Paul reached out to him and explained that he was a mechanic, promised he would take care of all damages to the vehicle, and begged Paul not to get the insurance involved. Paul feels fine and if the other driver can take care of the damages, then he doesn’t see why he needs to involve the insurance and open a car accident injury claim.  

Paul is a good guy who wants to cut another driver a break, but damages to the car are minimal compared to potential damages to your spinal health. The mechanic may be able to fix the busted fender, but there is little he can do about any injuries to the spine that might have occurred as a result of the accident. Therefore, if you are involved in a car accident, you should call 911, report the accident to the police, and file a car accident injury claim. Some insurance policies may require a police report to process claims, so you want to be prepared. It is important that you hold the at-fault driver responsible for any damages to your spinal health in addition to damages to your car. Once you’ve filed that claim and you have your claim number, give RxWellness Spine & Health in Tysons Corner a call and we can get you the treatment you need immediately.  

Do I Need to File a Car Accident Claim 

You should always file a claim if you are involved in a car accident. This allows you or another injured individual to receive medical compensation for any necessary treatments needed as a result of injuries sustained. If it is determined later that you are the at-fault driver, not filing a claim can leave you open to potential lawsuits. Some insurance policies have time limits on when you can file a claim, and if you miss that mark it may not be possible to file if a problem is discovered later. 


How to File a Car Accident Injury Claim

Filing a claim can be as simple as picking up the phone to call your insurance agent. In this new modern age, insurance companies offer different options on how you can file a claim. Depending on your insurance company, you may have the option to call in and speak to an agent directly, go to the insurance company’s website and file a claim online, or submit your claim through a mobile app. 

When you file a claim, you will have to submit as much information about the accident as possible. The insurance adjuster may contact you to gather additional information about your claim. They may also ask if you have any witnesses to the accident who can confirm your recount of the story, so it is always a good idea to gather the contact information of anyone on the scene who might be willing to testify to what they saw. 

RxWellness Spine & Health 

When you work with the RxWellness Spine & Health team, you will have the opportunity to work with a car accident claims expert. They will take your claim number and work to get your medical treatments covered by the responsible party. They will be responsible for speaking with insurance companies and lawyers to get your medical costs covered. When you work with us, we will do everything possible to ensure that your focus remains on your recovery. 

During your initial consultation, we will gather x-rays, complete posture scans, and take ultrasound imaging to gather an idea of the extent of injuries suffered from the car accident. Your doctor will walk you through what they’ve gathered, and go over all images/tests with you. Then will also explain their recommended treatment plan and provide a tentative schedule for treatments. 

If you agree to treatment, you will be working with some of the best chiropractors in Tysons and some of the most skilled massage therapists available. They will work together to create a plan that targets both the injured muscle and instabilities of the spine. The goal is to heal the spine and prevent any car accident problems from becoming worse. 

Contact Us 

If your vehicle is damaged in a car accident, it can be easy to solely focus on receiving compensation for the damages to your property. However, holding the at-fault driver responsible for damages to your spinal health is arguably more important. The impact of a car accident can cause serious damage to the spine that may worsen and contribute to chronic pain if left untreated, and unlike the parts of your car, the parts of your spine are irreplaceable. So if you are involved in a car accident, file a car accident injury claim and then call RxWellness Spine & Health with your claim number and let us handle the important steps of your recovery process. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation at our Tysons Corner location please give us a call at 1(703) 904 9666 or book a consultation online.