Chiropractor with Massage Therapist Near Me

Chiropractor with Massage Therapist Near Me

Jamie loves getting massages and pampering herself with regular spa days. She doesn’t consider her monthly massage appointments a luxurious indulgence, but views them as a necessity for long-term wellness. She enjoys the alone time and relaxation as well as the muscle relaxing benefits from the massage. The following day Jamie unfortunately is involved in a car accident. Her car was totaled, but she felt more or less fine, just sore from the impact. Jamie made extra massage appointments to help relieve the soreness from the accident. However after a couple of weeks she was still in a lot of pain, and the massages just weren’t helping like they should. 

What Jamie didn’t realize is that though massage therapy has the wonderful benefit of relaxing tight muscles and healing muscular scar tissue, it cannot reset any misalignments she likely sustained from her accident. Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial when combined with massage therapy. Luckily, RxWellness Spine & Health is a chiropractor with a massage therapist on staff to help our patients recover from their injuries and better plan their wellness care.

The Benefit of Massage Therapy 

Massage TherapyHave you ever gotten a nice relaxing massage before? I hope you’re like Jamie and the answer is yes. We all deserve a little bit of pampering and relaxation every once in a while. A lot of people schedule massage appointments at fancy luxurious spas and spend wads of cash, only to end up like Jamie’s friend, disappointed that the discomfort and pain remain unresolved.

 A common misconception that many people have is thinking a spa appointment can relieve pain and discomfort. And while some people may be lucky enough to feel better after a spa massage, its primary goal is relaxation, not pain relief. Therefore, if you are in serious discomfort, it is more beneficial to search for a chiropractor with massage therapists near me.  

Massage therapists are trained to relieve tension in the muscles, but when their techniques are combined with the guidance of a chiropractor, they can provide a more accurate and pinpointed experience. Working with a chiropractor broadens their scope of care and elevates their technique from relaxation to pain management. 

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care is sometimes misunderstood, and many people who could heal from the benefits of routine adjustments never consider it. They are usually unaware of the potential healing benefits or they do not think their condition is serious enough to warrant an appointment. 

RxWellness Chiropractor with Massage Therapist

What do chiropractors treat? Simply stated, chiropractors treat most issues affecting the bones, cartilage, joints, connective tissue, and muscles. They typically focus on the spine, but can also treat issues affecting the joints, like carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. The chiropractor often provides gentle hands-on manipulation to reduce pressure off the nerves, but will sometimes use a tool called an activator. This may all depend on your level of pain and what the doctors believe is the best way to treat the problem. 

When you work with a chiropractor, their overall goal is to reduce your discomfort and eliminate your chronic pain, and the only way they can do that is by creating an optimal environment in the body. What exactly does that mean? 

Basically, a chiropractor cannot heal you, only the body can heal itself. What the chiropractor does is reduce any interference that is preventing the body from doing what it already knows how to do. These interferences can come in the form of subluxation, slipped disc, tight muscles, and any number of complications that restrict the nerves and prevent optimal communication.     

The Benefit of Combining Chiropractic Care with Massage Therapy 

There is a long list of benefits to working with a chiropractor and a massage therapist, but one major benefit is the experience of comprehensive care. What exactly does that mean? Well, your body is extremely interconnected and something small and seemingly unrelated may be the source of a decade-long problem. 


If you are suffering from chronic pain, in your lower back for example, the problem may not be as simple as just a misalignment in your spine or just an overextension of the back muscles. It may be a combination of both. Multiple areas are often responsible for one problem, so when you work with a chiropractor and a massage therapist, you get the benefit of two experts united against one problem.

Where Can I find a Chiropractor with Massage Therapist Near MeBack Massage

If you are local to the Vienna, Oakton, or Fairfax area and are searching for “the best chiropractor with massage therapist near me,” it’s no surprise that the RxWellness Spine & Health office will pop up. We are a family-focused care center that specializes in auto accident injuries, workers’ compensation claims, sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries, and a long list of other types of chronic pain.

 We provide access to some of the most skilled chiropractors in the nation and the best-trained massage therapists available. Our entire team works very hard to provide a thorough and beneficial treatment experience, and all our doctors come highly recommended. 

Working with RxWellness Spine & Health 

When you work with RxWellness Spine & Health, you will be working with the best professionals available who are all extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the care they provide. You will have access to some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic tools and treatment options. For example, we utilize x-ray machines to examine the bone and joint area, and ultrasound technology to determine any issues with the soft tissue. Our goal is to determine the root of your discomfort, so we can recommend the most effective care plan. 

RxWellness Chiropractor with Massage Therapist

Once our doctors have a probable diagnosis, they can outline your care plan, recommend a combination of treatments, and estimate a timeline for recovery. Each patient’s care will look different and will be customized to their needs. Our RxWellness Spine & Health Vienna/Oakton location offers services such as cupping, spinal decompression, scraping, stem, and so much more. Your care team to mix and match the services they believe will provide the best results. 

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Many people often hesitate when it comes to seeking chiropractic care, but if you are in any level of pain then you cannot continue to wait. Schedule a consultation with RxWellness Spine & Health and we will walk you through all your recovery options. If you are still searching for, a “chiropractor with massage therapist near me,” just give us a call and we will be happy to address any of your concerns and hesitations. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 1-(703) 904 9666 or book an appointment online.