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Serving Corporate Employees

Free Lunch and Learns with our Corporate Wellness Doctor

Dr. Philip Golinsky is part of an exclusive, highly selective group of trained Wellness Doctors who brings Wellness into the workplace ( These Doctors specializes and excels in helping HR and Benefits Directors implement Corporate Wellness Programs.

Wellness Champion Doctors show employees that their employer values their health, but also allows the company to elevate the health and capabilities of its employees.

Healthy employees are happy employees. Happy employees are productive employees. Do you want to create a more positive and productive environment?

You can cut down on absenteeism, worker’s comp, health insurance, and hiring and training costs by putting an Employee Wellness Program into place at your business. Implementing innovative wellness programs often help to prevent employees from getting sick, missing work, and can alleviate job related stress.

Let us facilitate one or a series of workshops for your staff, giving your staff the tools and information needed to achieve spectacular health while helping your company to achieve its goals and objectives.

Dr. Phil’s presentations can help boost employee energy, morale, health and well-being. Employee Wellness Programs can include lunch and learn programs, breakfast presentations, seminars, workshops, or health screenings. Dr. Phil’s presentations are done at no charge as a part of our Community Health Awareness Program.

Dr. Phil Golinsky and the health team at RxWellness, are passionate about bringing health and wellness education to as many people as possible. Each lunch and learn is approximately one hour and RxWellness will provide FREE lunches when requested if we have an accurate head count at least two days before your event. Alternatively, Dr. Phil can conduct a series of workshops, each with different topics to help you execute your Corporate Wellness program. Our Chiropractor Herndon location is convenient to a variety of businesses and we bring the education and knowledge to you. Learning better ways to improve health has never been easier. Dr. Golinsky also answers questions and promotes natural pain relief without the use of medications that can interfere with productivity.

Some Fortune 500 Companies That We've Served with Corporate Wellness Events:




Lunch and Learn Topics with our Fairfax County Wellness Champion Doctor

Business owners in Herndon, Sterling, Chantilly, Dulles and Reston are encouraged to contact us to schedule an informative lunch and learn or Health Screening. The topics Dr. Golinsky speaks on include:

  • Headaches- Headache lunch and learns decode headaches, classify headaches and show natural home treatments so you and your employees do not have to suffer. Even one headache a month is equal to two weeks of pain a year. Dr. Golinsky shows Herndon residents how to avoid headaches, decrease their frequency and care for them at home without medications.
  • Stress- our stress reduction workshop is one of the most popular. We all deal with stress, but some of us are able to manage it better and not let it affect our daily life. Dr. Golinsky teaches about this "silent killer" and how it can lead to serious health risks and conditions such as a heart attack. You learn ways to lessen stress and we also raffle off a free massage.
  • Nutrition/ Weight Loss and Eating for Maximum Performance- learn to take control of your life through proper nutrition. A healthy eating plan that combines foods appropriately, will decrease gastrointestinal concerns, improve your energy level, strengthen your immunity and support injury recovery. When you use a healthy nutritional plan, you also experience weight loss and have proper fuel for exercise performance.
  • Healthy Living to 100- do you want the secrets to a long healthy life? Dr. Golinsky uses the tips he shares with pro athletes to teach you how to life a quality life without any limits. This workshop encourages you to "Live like you mean it!"

Contact our Chiropractor for Reston, Herndon, Sterling, Chantilly and Dulles Corporations

Business owners and residents are encouraged to contact RxWellness to schedule a FREE informative lunch and learn workshop or Health Screen (Spinal or Stress Screening). The information provided helps your employees take control of their health. When they feel empowered, they are better able to live authentically and in full wellness. Dr. Golinsky enjoys sharing his knowledge and then motivating them to succeed. To learn more or to schedule a FREE Lunch & Learn talk, or series of workshops, please contact us today at 571-334-5324 or request an event online.

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