Scoliosis Treatments In Virginia, Maryland & Washington D.C.

The health of your back and spine starts with identifying potential problems and seeking early treatment solutions. Although the appropriate treatment strategy depends on the situation and the severity of the condition, identifying scoliosis at an early age or shortly after an accident allows a chiropractor to address potential complications and reduce any pain from the condition.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis of the spine refers to a curve in your spine and it interferes with your body’s natural communication system. At RxWellness Spine & Health, we serve our patients with locations across Virginia, Maryland, and DC. We focus on addressing the underlying spinal health concerns and encouraging the proper function of the spine.

Identifying scoliosis is a simple process because of the curvature in the spine. A trained chiropractor can see the lateral, or sideways, curve to the spine and recognize potential complications associated with the curve.

Common Treatment Strategies for Scoliosis

Scoliosis treatment strategies depend on the severity of the curvature and the symptoms you experience. In most cases, scoliosis occurs as individuals grow and develop through childhood and into a young adult, so parents should get a regular check-up with a chiropractor to identify the problem early and start a treatment plan. It may also occur after an accident, such as an auto accident, so consider a check-up when healing from an injury.

In most cases, a chiropractor recommends a brace to help a child’s spine grow in a healthy direction. Since the condition usually develops in young children who are still growing, a brace helps prevent further curvatures as a child grows. We recommend regular check-ups to monitor any changes to the spine. We may also suggest exercises and stretches to maintain mobility and physical flexibility to help alleviate certain symptoms. Generally, the condition is mild and does not require more complex treatments. Should your scoliosis progress, we may suggest medical treatments if the curvature exceeds 50 degrees and shows signs of worsening over time.

When to Check for Scoliosis

Early diagnosis and treatment is ideal when treating scoliosis because the condition worsens over time without treatment. Since it occurs most frequently in young children and adolescents, we suggest an annual check-up with a chiropractor starting at an early age. Parents should always bring any oddities to the attention of a professional if they notice an odd curve to the spine that differs from the norm.

We recommend checking for the condition after any serious or moderate accident and injury. Since certain types of accidents impact the back and spine, it is possible to develop scoliosis at a later time in life. Early treatment after an accident prevents more complex problems with personal health and well-being.

Developing a curvature in the spine impacts your health and well-being. You want to treat the condition early to prevent complications and avoid surgical procedures. In search of a “chiropractor near me” who can treat scoliosis of the spine?To learn more about identifying the condition or to set up an appointment with our professional chiropractors at RxWellness Spine & Health to check for a curve in your spine. Contact us today at (703) 904-9666.


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