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Mid Back Pain Treatment at RxWellness

You know that moment - when you lean across a desk to grab a pen, pick something up off the floor, or stand up from your desk chair after a long day of work. Your back feels stiff, sore and tight, and it's right in the middle - where you struggle to rub it with the back of your hand. Maybe you've tried popping a few aspirin or stretching it out, but it just never seems to go away. Your mid-back area hurts - what can you do about it? It's as simple as getting comprehensive back care at RxWellness Spine & Health, where we'll examine, diagnose and treat your mid-back pain with expertise and compassion.

What Causes Pain in the Mid-Back?

Most mid-back pain is caused by misalignments of the spine, neck or both. Because your body is built to work cohesively, even small abnormalities or misalignments can send the entire system of bones, ligaments and tendons within the body off-track. Without chiropractic adjustments to help realign the spine and repair support problems, your body will attempt to compensate for this injury by overburdening the surrounding muscles and joints. The result is a soreness that never seems to completely dissipate. Unless you work with a specialist such as our Herndon, VA chiropractor, the problem will likely keep occurring. While temporary fixes like a heat pack or stretching may provide immediate relief, it's crucial to receive an examination in a chiropractic office. This allows our chiropractor to rule out more serious conditions. You may be experiencing issues such as spinal a herniation or other disc-related problems.

Why is Treating Mid-Back Pain Important?

Like many symptomatic pains of the body, mid-back pain is your body's way of signaling there's a problem that needs to be addressed. It’s your body’s way of saying something like, “help me! I’m not working right, so I’m sending you pain signals to let you know something needs to be done!” If you end up with poor posture due to overcompensation, you'll be putting stress on both your internal organs and non-spinal joints as they learn to re-distribute your weight, usually ineffectually. Your spine is the center of your body's balance and support system, so ignoring its importance can lead to many more aches, pains and serious symptoms as time goes on. In older individuals, chiropractic care is especially important, as age-related problems like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can intensify the effects of overcompensation.

If you're experiencing discomfort or pain in your mid-back area, we invite you to call RxWellness Spine & Health in Herndon, where we'll treat your back pain and restore you to a better state of health. We also serve the Reston, Sterling, Chantilly and surrounding VA areas. Back problems can be frustrating, especially for those with a busy schedule, so don't let pain in your back hold you back for any longer than it needs to. Call our friendly front desk staff to schedule your first appointment at 703-904-9666. No matter what the source of your pain may be - we've got your back!

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