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Migraines FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Migraines In Sterling & Herndon


Migraines occupy an infamous place in the world of headaches. In addition to horrific head pain, this mysterious ailment can cause a variety of other debilitating symptoms. It pays to understand your migraines and available treatment options, so here are the answers to some frequently asked migraine questions from Golinsky Specific Chiropractic.

  • How does chiropractic care relieve migraines? Chiropractic care can address any problems in your cervical spinal alignment that may be associated with your migraine bouts. Our chiropractor, Dr. Golinsky, can help normalize joint motion and cervical posture; this relieves muscular stress (a potential trigger) while also improving nerve function (potentially stabilizing hormonal balances). Research indicates that chiropractic care can reduce migraine frequency by 90 percent or more and reduce their intensity by almost one-half.
  • Is there a connection between migraines and spinal alignment? Studies indicate that people with hypermobile joints may be prone, not only to spinal alignment and postural problems, but also to migraines. An injury to the upper cervical spine, such as whiplash, can also make you vulnerable to migraines.
  • Where do migraines come from? The origin of migraines is a somewhat elusive question, but researchers believe that they start with abnormal drops in serotonin levels. This activates a chain of events that leads the trigeminal nerve to trigger inflammation in the cranial blood vessels.
  • What are the most common migraine triggers? Migraines can be set off by emotional/physical stress, ingredients in specific foods or drugs, hormonal changes, noise, eye strain, odors and even changes in the weather. Different sufferers have different lists of personal triggers.
  • What pre-migraine warning signs should I watch out for? Subtle early signs such as unexplained neck stiffness, yawning or thirst may appear the day before a migraine. Just before an attack, you may also experience visual disturbances known as auras, as well as tingling sensations and "hearing things."
  • What are the symptoms of a full-blown migraine attack? The list of migraine symptoms is almost as long as the list of potential migraine triggers. Migraine attacks are characterized by devastating headaches along with nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity, blurred vision, fever, hives and even fainting. Some combination of these symptoms may plague you for up to 72 hours, making even the simplest everyday tasks impossible.
  • What other migraine care techniques does your chiropractor recommend? Our chiropractor can review your medical history, lifestyle, current state of health and any known migraine triggers you're having trouble with. This may lead us to recommend measures such as massage therapy, dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and helpful methods for keeping your migraines at bay.

We Have the Answer to Migraines in Sterling, Herndon and Reston

Now that you know more about migraines, take action against yours today. If you're in Sterling, Herndon or Reston and you want a safe, drug-free answer to your migraine issues, schedule an appointment at Golinsky Specific Chiropractic. Call (703) 904-9666 for a consultation with our chiropractor!

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