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Treating Tendinitis With Natural Chiropractic Solutions in Herndon, Virginia

Tendinitis, Herndon Chiropractor

Experiencing pain and discomfort in any are of your body raises concerns about the underlying problem. Tendinitis occurs in certain situations and you want to treat the condition as quickly as possible to get the situation under control. Recognizing the problem and the potential causes of the condition allows you to address the situation in a healthy and natural way.

What is Tendinitis?

Tendons refer to the cords or tissues connecting muscles within your body. It connects at a variety of different areas and allows your body to move the way you expect.

Tendinitis occurs when the tendons are injured and inflammation or an irritation in the area develops. At RxWellness Spine & Health, we offer natural treatment solutions in Herndon, Virginia to address tendinitis and related conditions. Our clinic serves Chantilly, Sterling, Reston, Herndon and the surrounding areas in Virginia.

Causes of Tendinitis

The underlying cause of the condition depends on the situation. In most cases, the inflammation develops from consistent and repetitive motions. For example, individuals may develop the condition from playing golf or tennis. The condition regularly occurs in athletes or other individuals who use repetitive motions throughout their day.

While the most common cause is repetitive motion, it also occurs from sudden injuries to the tendon. For example, after a car accident, individuals may develop inflammation in a tendon and require treatment to address the pain. Sudden injuries occur in a variety of situations, so the exact cause depends on the nature of the injury and the severity of the accident.

Other factors, like excess weight, infections or certain auto-immune disorders, also contribute to the development of the condition and the risk of developing more complex symptoms in the future.

Chiropractic Treatments at RxWellness Spine & Health in Herndon

Due to the complexity of the condition and the possible causes of the problem, you need treatment to address the situation. At our clinic, a chiropractor evaluates the severity of your injuries and the inflammation before developing a personalized treatment plan.

You should never avoid treatment because an untreated injury can worsen over time. Early treatment prevents chronic pain and discomfort by allowing the tendon to heal and recover.

Chiropractic treatments in our clinic start with basic solutions. We may use cold and heat therapy to bring down any swelling and reduce the inflammation causing the pain. We also use chiropractic treatments like adjustments to help with any problems in the musculoskeletal system, such as poor alignment of the bones.

Massage therapy also assists with recovery by improving circulation and encouraging the muscles to relax. When combined with physical therapy, stretches and exercise, the therapy helps alleviate pain and encourage mobility. We also recommend slings or similar treatment solutions to limit mobility and allow the arm or leg to rest while the injuries heal.

Tendinitis impacts your lifestyle by causing pain and discomfort. At our clinic, we evaluate the severity of your injuries and then suggest a treatment plan to address the underlying inflammation and pain. To learn more about natural treatment strategies for tendinitis or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor, call us today at 703-904-9666. Our clinic treats patients in Herndon, Chantilly, Sterling, Reston, and the surrounding areas in Virginia.

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