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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment from Your Herndon Chiropractor

One of the most frequent causes of lower-back and neck pain among our RxWellness Spine & Health patients is degenerative disc disease. Our Herndon, Virginia practice emphasizes patient education and customized treatment. Our chiropractor uses natural therapies that avoid surgery or medication to bring relief to patients in Herndon, Reston, Chantilly, Sterling, and the remainder of the Dulles corridor.

woman suffering from a painful degenerative disc disease

Overview of Degenerative Disc Disease

Healthcare providers do not consider this condition a disease despite its name. Degenerative disc disease is a disorder caused by natural disc wear and tear, typically age-related, that causes patient discomfort. In most cases, it does not become a long-term disability.

Patients do not always experience pain or other types of symptoms linked to degenerating spinal discs. Pain is typically the result of how the abnormal disc affects other spinal structures, primarily joints, nerve roots, and muscles. When it does occur, it is usually the result of one of two triggers:

  • Inflammation resulting from leakage of interior proteins sometimes causes swelling in surrounding structures. This, in turn, causes muscle tension, spasms, and local tenderness. If inflammation affects a nerve root, the patient might experience pain and numbness that extends into the arm and the shoulder.
  • Micro-motion instability occurs due to decreasing support and cushioning a disc can offer as it degenerates. This causes unnatural micromotions between the vertebrae. These motions subsequently create tension and irritation in nearby muscles, nerve roots, and/or joints. As instability increases, so do episodes of pain. Muscle spasms can be extremely painful.

Other common symptoms include increased pain when bending, twisting, or lifting and a sensation that the neck or the back is “giving out”. Some patients describe a radiating pain that feels hot, sharp, or stabbing in the shoulder, hand, arm, hips, back, or buttocks. Decreased pain after changing positions is common.

Chiropractic Treatment Options

Chiropractors diagnose degenerative disc disease after a consultation that includes a comprehensive physical exam, discussion of patient symptoms, and evaluation of health history. Our doctor performs simple tests to identify any disc injury, restricted joint motion, muscle spasms, or injury to a ligament. In addition to checking walking proficiency and overall posture, he might order an imaging test such as an X-ray or an MRI.

The goal of treating this condition is boosting joint mechanics by improving the motion of the spine and reducing any inflammation. The primary chiropractic therapy to accomplish this is spinal manipulation also called spinal adjustment. Treatment might involve either hands-on or instrument-assisted manipulation. Some patients experience significant relief from therapeutic massage. Our services include a unique treatment plan for every patient.

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