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Phases Chiropractic of Care

At RxWellness Spine & Health, we know that "health is the destination but wellness is the journey". Providing immediate relief for patients is critical, of course. Ultimately, the mission of our practice is to get our patients on the path to wellness so that you could arrive at your health destination during your lifetime. Dr. Golinsky and his staffs will give you his best recommendation for care based upon your exam findings, unique needs and health goals. You always have a choice in our office --"It's your body, your health and your life!"

We offer 3 Phases of Care: Relief, Corrective and Wellness:

1. Relief Care

Generally, when a patient first come to us, it most often is as a result of experiencing pain or discomfort in their bodies. Symptoms such as neck pain, headaches,lower back pain, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, vertigo, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, knee pain, scoliosis, tendinitis are some of the conditions patient come to us for. We conduct a thorough examination, diagnose and provide an immediate treatment plan to alleviate the pain as quickly as possible. This is all done without the use of drugs or medications.

2. Corrective Care

This is what we focus on and specialize in. We focus on identifying the underlying cause(s) of the pain source and render corrective care to ensure you can be on the road to recovery. This allows us to stabilize your spine so we achieve full correction, and not just temporarily patching up the pain or discomfort.

3. Wellness Care

In our Office, throughout our Community, Corporations and Workplaces, we implement the 3 E’s:

We Educate, Encourage and Empower our patients to achieve the highest levels of health they can. We hope to communicate the value of ongoing chiropractic care for maintenance of health, prevention of disease and improved quality of life.

Our mission is to see our patients make healthy lifestyle choices and to lead them to be proactive and take control of their health. Instead of waiting for symptoms and then taking action, our message is to live well and remember that prevention is always better than a cure!

If you live in Herndon, Reston, Sterling and Chantilly, the surrounding Dulles corridor and are interested in seeing how our approach can resolve your pain and other issues while improving your overall health and wellness, please Contact Us online or call (703) 904-9666 to set up an appointment today.

For Communities, Schools, Employers and Corporations interested in having our Doctor come to do Complementary Wellness Educational Talks, Lunch & Learn, Workshops, Stress Screening, Relax-the-Back Sessions, call 571-334-5324 or Request an Event here.

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