How To Correct Poor Posture  

How To Correct Poor Posture  

Many people report suffering from back pain, and it is often the result of various life habits or medical conditions. For example, daily occupation can be a major contributing factor to back strain and chronic pain. Meaning, people who work jobs that require holding the same position for long periods of time, bending over, or lifting heavy objects may experience more pain than people who do not. If they ignore proper posturing or lifting techniques, this will negatively impact the health of their body, and create a more painful problem in the future. In most cases, back pain can usually be eradicated through proper chiropractic care and a change in habit and posture. Working with the qualified chiropractors at RxWellness Herndon, VA can show you how to correct poor posture, and prevent or heal related pain. 


What Contributes to Poor Posture 

Poor posture is a modern-day bad habit that sometimes revolves around the convenience of desk jobs and cell phones, and can create a more painful and chronic problem in the long run. Oftentimes back pain and poor posture can be avoided if proper techniques are used. Some of the factors that can contribute to poor posture are:

  • Constant slouching and rounding of the shoulders
  • Bending over your phone, laptop, or tablet
  • Carrying heavy bags and backpacks
  • Lifting heavy object at work 
  • Incorrect sleeping position 
  • Sitting with a wallet or other object in the back pocket 

Any of the above habits can overstretch and weaken the muscles in the back and shoulders while simultaneously shortening the muscles in the chest and front of the shoulders. When the muscles shift and pull, they also shift and pull the spine out of alignment. In addition to the spinal shift and the overworked and weakened back muscles, if the core and abdominal muscles are also weakened, they will be unable to properly support your posture. Once this happens, correcting the posture becomes more complicated than just remembering to sit up straight and pull your shoulders back. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Correct Poor Posture 

  • Receiving a chiropractic adjustment can help improve and correct poor posture.  
    • The chiropractor will adjust the spine, and guide the vertebrate back to its correct position.
    • If this is your first adjustment or your first adjustment in a long time, you might not be able to hold the position for long. You might also receive additional adjustments on future visits. The chiropractor will explain in more detail when discussing your treatment plan. 
  • Relaxing the Muscles 
    • After receiving an adjustment, the muscles will need to be relaxed or they will continue to pull the spine out of alignment. 
    • A few important and useful treatments for relaxing the muscles and allowing the posture to return to normal are massage therapy, dry needling, or other various forms of non-invasive drug-free treatments. The muscles must relax, or they will continue to pull on the spine and undo the goal of the adjustment.  

  • Correcting the Habit 
    • The chiropractor will provide you with some tips and behavioral changes so you can practice and improve your posture to positively impact your healing process. 
    • Consistently practicing better posture habits is necessary for correcting the problem and preventing it from worsening or returning after treatment. 
  • Stretching and strengthening the Muscle 
    • It is important to keep the muscles healthy and strong so they are able to adequately support and maintain your posture. Stronger muscles mean better support. 
    • To do this you must create a workout routine, and stay consistent. The routine does not have to be very rigorous, but it is important that you keep the muscles healthy, strong, and active. 

Chiropractic Care at RxWellness 

At RxWellness Herndon, we provide quality chiropractic care by taking the time to understand the full scale of your concern and the reason for your visit. Many people suffer from the side effects of bad posture, while the contributing causes are vastly different. When you consult with a RxWellness chiropractic specialist, they will listen to your concerns and complete a full examination before recommending any type of treatment. The goal is to understand the various aspects of your posture, and then customize a treatment plan to correct it. Chiropractic care is the best form of healthcare because it focuses on the root causes of concerns and not just the symptoms. 

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It is important to keep spinal alignment and proper posture in consideration when moving through the day. Having the conscious thought of how to correct your posture will positively contribute to your overall health; while working with the chiropractors at RxWellness Herndon, Va will help correct your poor posture and put you in the best possible position to live pain-free. If you have any questions or want to book a consultation, give us a call at 1+(703) 904 9666 or book an appointment online.


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