How To Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain may seem like a mundane inconvenience to the average person, but overtime it can grow debilitating. Most people apply simple at home remedies to relieve pain like a heading pad or ice. Though these home remedies are recommended to relieve the symptoms, they do not solve the real anatomical problem. Your lower back pain is often more than just tight muscles. In fact, the pain you feel is itself a symptom of the problem. So before you apply home remed

RxWellness Lower Back Pain

ies for days to weeks at a time with little result, you should make an appointment with a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is one of the best, nonsurgical methods on how to treat lower back pain.

Why You Should See A Chiropractor For Your Lower Back PainRxWellness Lower Back Pain

Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in treating the spine through nonsurgical treatments. There are several anatomical reasons you may be experiencing lower back pain.

1)Your Spine is not in alignment (spinal misalignment)

2)You have a herniated disc

3)You are suffering from a spinal injury that healed wrong

If you believe you are suffering lower back pain because of one of the three reasons listed, then a chiropractor can definitely help you. However, if your lower back pain is caused by a more serious injury, your chiropractor may refer you to a surgeon.

What is a Spinal Misalignment?

RxWellness Lower Back Pain

To understand the misalignment, you should understand the basic anatomy of your spine. There are 24 movable vertebrae that make up your spine. Between these vertebrae are discs made out of a jelly like cartilage which are meant to protect the vertebrae and offer support. The human spine is supposed to be perfectly aligned with the rest of the body, but certain movements and force of impact can cause these vertebrae to shift into unnatural positions.

If your spine is in an unnatural position, the vertebrae can pinch the nerves your spinal cord is protecting. In addition to pinched nerves your muscles will attempt to compensate for the misaligned spine causing knots and muscle tension. And lastly, long term effects of a misaligned spine can cause you to experience disc degeneration at a far earlier age. If you completely lose a disc space, surgery is often required.

This is where the chiropractor comes in. Chiropractors are doctors of the spine who specialize in spinal manipulation. They can manually adjust your spine back into the correct position with their hands. As technology progresses, they have been able to develop advance tools to assist in the process.

What is a Herniated Disc?

RxWellness Lower Back Pain

A herniated disc is when the disc between your vertebrae is bulged, slipped, or ruptured. This means that the disc has been pushed out into the spinal canal causing extreme pain. If you have a herniated disc, it is a sure sign of early degeneration in your spine. Herniated discs can happen anywhere along your spine, however, they are most common in your lower back.

If you lose your disc space completely, surgery is often recommended. However, if your disc has not disappeared completely, Chiropractors have nonsurgical treatment to get your disc back into place. One of these treatments is called Decompression therapy (also known as spinal decompression).

Spinal decompression uses a specially designed table, referred to as a traction table, to help realign your spine. This device is a motorized tool that enabling your spine to be gently stretched. It is used to relieve the pain and pressure that our patients often complain about due to degenerating, herniated or bulging discs.

Old Spinal Injuries

RxWellness Lower Back Pain

Your body is amazing and can handle a lot of impact. Out bodies abilities to regenerate is incredible. However, just because an old injury heals, does not mean that it healed correctly. Common spinal injuries include whiplash, often originally sustained in auto accidents or high impact collisions.

Micro tears in your muscle tissue are often sustained along with spinal misalignment in various types of accidents. These micro tears heal over themselves causing lots of internal scar tissue. This is another reason why you may be experiencing lower back pain.

It is very common for chiropractors to use massage therapy in addition to their spinal adjustments in order to relieve the pain and promote healing. Many patients find success in reaching optimal function throughout treatment when chiropractic care and massage therapy are combined. Physical therapy may also be needed.

How RxWellness Spine & Health Can Help Treat Your Lower Back Pain

RxWellness Lower Back Pain

RxWellness Spine & Health is a chiropractic and wellness clinic in the McLean-Tysons area. Our clinic uses chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical therapy to ensure that our patients reach optimal healing. We believe in using natural solutions for drug-free, pain-free care. Our clinic director in Mclean-Tysons office, Dr. Kevin Naples, is an expert on how to treat lower back pain in his patients. RxWellness uses the most up to date technology and procedures so our patients experience the best patient care in Northern, Virginia.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, RxWellness Spine & Health. Call our McLean-Tysons office today to schedule a consultation at 703-904-9666. We are located at 8609 Westwood Center Dr. #620, Vienna, VA near the Springhill metro station.

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