Leg Pain from Standing All Day | Arlington, VA

Leg Pain from Standing All Day | Arlington, VA

This is for all the cashier retail workers out there. The role is more than just putting items in bags for customers, it’s about being the face of your store, because you are on the front line for face-to-face customer interactions. Furthermore, you are providing security in dealing with counterfeit currency, processing proper cash handling, and executing team collaboration with co-workers. Although cashiers provide many essential services, they risk their health as retail workers may deal with leg pain from standing all day in Arlington, VA.  


Causes of Leg Pain from Standing in Arlington, VA

The lack of movement from extended periods of time can lead to stiffness and muscle tension to the legs. Here are some common causes of leg pain from standing all day. 


Tendonitis is a condition characterized by inflammation and irritation of a tendon. Tendons are thick cords of connective tissue to bones. If you frequently do the same motions with the same body parts like your leg, the tendons in that area will become irritated or endure small tearing. The stiffness from this pain can create a limited range of motion. 


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common degenerative condition that causes cartilage between your joints to wear down. Cartilage is the tissue that covers the ends of bones in a joint. If this condition affects your legs, then standing and walking will become painful. You could feel your bones rubbing together and hear cracking sounds when you move. 

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 

This involves the narrowing of the spinal canal in the lower back. The narrowing puts pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves that travel through the spine, resulting in several symptoms to the legs such as pain, numbness, numbness, or cramping when walking.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) 

This medical condition is notably known as shin splints. The pain occurs below the knee and the symptoms include soreness and pain along the inner side of the shins, as well as swelling of the lower leg. 

Overuse of Leg Muscles

Your legs may just be tired from standing or the activities you are doing and will be focused around the areas of those muscles that are hurting

Misalignments in the Spine or Hips

Another cause of leg pain from standing all day in Arlington, VA is if your spine is misaligned or your hips the unevenness of your strides may be causing leg pain to radiate down.

Back massage


How to relieve leg pain from standing all day

Leg pain can be frustrating to deal with and disrupt everyday activities. There are methods that can be used to provide solutions to how to relieve leg pain from standing all day in Arlington. Here are some of those methods:

Foam roll or tennis ball

Place the foam roll or tennis ball beneath your foot and roll it back and forth. This will allow for the muscles to stretch and lengthen, which is exactly what your legs need after standing all day at work.



These stretches can be done anywhere or anytime to relieve tension from your legs

  • Forward folds includes to bend down and touch your toes
  • Squat to the floor with your knees to your chest and ankles lifted to get an ankle and calf stretch.

Elevate your feet and Invert your body 

When you are at home, try to keep your legs elevated as this will allow your lower body circulation the time it needs to rest and recover from standing all day. To invert your body, you can use a wall to lie on your back with your glutes to the baseboard and legs up the wall. 

Compress your calves and supporting shoes

To compress your calves, you can wear compression socks. These socks help your circulation. A quality pair of supportive running shoes can assist to reduce the leg pain.


RxWellness Chiropractic Care to Relieve Leg Pain from Standing All Day in Arlington ,VA

RxWellness Spine and Health exercises their belief to provide natural solutions through drug-free, pain-free care to assist their over 150,000 patients. Our chiropractic care team has assisted patients with pain from any part of their body, including leg pain. We understand that any type of work can have a toll on your health and body. It’s our goal to relieve leg pain or any sorts of pain, so our patients can go back to do their activities without pain being in the way. This is how RxWellnes relieves leg pain from standing all day.



  • Our attentive chiropractors will construct a treatment plan that will aim to heal the root cause of the leg pain. 
  • This treatment plan can include a combination of spinal adjustment, traction, and different forms of joint manipulation around the leg. 
  • Routine adjustments will be scheduled for a period of time in order to manage symptoms of the leg pain and enhance recovery. 
  • You will be assigned to one of our expert massage therapists, and they will work on muscles within the pain target in order to relieve stiffness, tightness, and improve flexibility. 

Regenerative Tissue Therapy 

  • This medical treatment helps your body heal itself using special cells.
  • Special cells act like construction workers fixing a road. When our bodies get hurt, our special cells activate to repair the damage. 

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

  • This medical treatment utilizes a part of your blood to assist your body to heal faster.
  • Platelets are parts of your blood that act like tiny helpers, because they contain special proteins that help fix things in your body when hurt like a cut or bruise. Platelets get sent to the injured area and with utilizing the special proteins, they begin the healing process. 
  • The medical expert would take a small amount of your blood that has lots of platelets and helpful proteins called Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • Then the medical expert injects the Platelet Rich Plasma into the injured area that needs healing. This will then boost the body’s own natural healing process by making it stronger and quicker. 

Trigger Point Injections

  • The doctor uses this treatment to relieve pain in specific spots in your muscles. 
  • The the injection assists to relax the muscle and make the knot loosen up. 
  • Additionally it will create the right circulation for optimal tissue reconstruction


Contact RxWellness for Your Leg Pain Care in Arlington, VA

You can be assured that we will take care of your leg pain from standing all day in Arlington, and get you back to optimal health. Our integrated medical team are experts in increasing healing and relieving leg pain. Do not hesitate to start your leg pain relief plan with us, we guarantee to take care of it. If you have any questions, or would like to set up a consultation please give us a call at (703) 904-9666 or book a consultation online.

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