Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling

There are too many people in the country who suffer from chronic neck pain, and who accept it as part of their daily life. For some people, the pain is a result of a residual injury that never healed properly, and for others, it is a result of a lifetime of bad posture, heavy bags, and neglect. Regardless of why your neck might be in pain, it is important to understand that the pain you feel does not have to be permanent. There are Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling, and the chiropractors at RxWellness can help you get pain-free while staying drug-free.  


Are You Sure It is Your Neck? 

When you consult with our chiropractors, the first thing they will determine is if the pain you are experiencing is truly originating from your neck. The nerves and muscles of the neck and shoulders are in such close proximity that sometimes the pain from one can be referred to the other. Many people will incorrectly attribute shoulder pain to neck pain and vice versa. The first thing our chiropractors will do is listen to your symptoms carefully and determine the origin before they can move forward with a treatment plan. Here are some symptoms to look for when attempting to distinguish the origin of your pain. 

Neck Pain

  • Pain mostly felt at the top of the shoulders 
  • Pain can also be felt in the trapezius (upper back area) 
  • Pain is not made worse by moving the shoulders 
  • Painful in the shoulder blades and the side of the neck 

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling


Shoulder Pain 

  • Pain on the outside of the underarm
  • Pain is dull and aching 
  • Pain flares up when you reach overhead 
  • Pain improves when you rest the arm

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling


Types of Neck Pain

Once the doctors determine that your pain is truly originating from your neck, they still cannot begin discussing your options for natural neck pain treatment in sterling, until they have uncovered the type of neck pain you are experiencing. If you were recently involved in an automobile accident or a sports injury, explaining that to the doctor will help them better understand your pain. Some people might know why they are experiencing the pain they feel, but for others, the cause might be unknown or unclear. In those instances, it might be useful to discuss your day-to-day with your doctor while being as honest as possible. 

  • Muscle strain can be a painful result from overuse of the neck muscle. This is what happens when we hunch over our phones or sit improperly in front of a computer screen.
  • Worn joints can happen with age, and osteoarthritis can cause the cartilage between the vertebrae to break down. Bone spurs then form, which can affect mobility and cause pain. 
  • Nerve compression can occur when a herniated disc presses on a nearby nerve. Symptoms can include aching, tingling, or numbing pain that extends down to the arm and into the hands. 
  • Injury, like whiplash, can also bruise the tissues of the neck resulting in you experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. 
  • Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or cancer can also cause neck pain. 


An exceptional doctor may be able to listen to your symptoms, and correctly identify the type of neck pain you are experiencing; however, an MRI scan of the area is the most useful tool for distinguishing the pain you are experiencing. 


Some simple things you can do at home to ease neck pain 

Before doing anything at home to ease neck pain, you should first speak with your doctor about the type of neck pain you are experiencing and see if simple treatments will benefit you. Some simple ways to treat neck pain are: 

  • Apply ice or heat, and sometimes alternating between both can help ease neck pain
  • Light gentle stretches can help manage pain and relieve stiffness. Try slowly rolling your shoulders and turning your head from side to side. 
  • Try investing in a special neck pillow, or improving the way you sleep. 


How A chiropractor can help with neck pain 

If you have chronic neck pain, seeing a chiropractor is the best way to move forward. At RxWellness, our chiropractors are trained in providing natural neck pain treatment in sterling, as they have proven techniques for getting you pain-free. On your first visit, they will consult with you and discuss your symptoms in detail. There will be a full examination as they attempt to pinpoint the exact origin of your pain as well as the cause. Once they have determined the possible cause, they will explain your treatment plan for getting you pain-free. 

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling



Getting a massage from a licensed massage therapist who can precisely treat the affected area can greatly ease your symptoms. The massage therapist can focus on specific areas of pain, applying pressure to the proper location. This can allow tight and stiff muscles to relax, and your pain to dull or disappear altogether. 

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling


Dry Needling 

Dry needling is another type of natural neck pain treatment in sterling offered by RxWellness. Dry needling is a special technique that pinpoints trigger points in the muscles of the neck. The needles are interested for a set period of time, and tension is released once they are removed. 

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling


Neck Adjustments 

A misaligned neck can cause a great deal of pain, so making sure everything is in its proper place can greatly reduce some of your discomfort. The chiropractors at RxWellness will use the proper neck alignment technique to get your vertebrae back to their proper place. 

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling


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It can make your life very difficult when you are sitting at your desk working on a very important document, and the only thing on your mind is the aching pain in your neck. So it is important to remember that chronic neck pain is not something you have to live with. There are natural neck pain treatments in Sterling, and the chiropractors and massage therapist at RxWellness will work tirelessly until they are able to find a way for you to live pain-free. If you have any questions you can give us a call at 1+(703) 904 9666 or book an appointment online

Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Sterling
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