Non-Surgical Back pain treatment Near Me 

Chronic pain can be a mild annoyance to some and extremely debilitating to others. Sports injuries, medical conditions, or occupational hazards can be cited as the originating causes of back pain, however, ongoing and chronic pain can be alleviated by immediately seeking chiropractic care. If back pain has gotten so bad that surgery is being considered, then let RxWellness Spine & Health help. You are 28 times less likely to need surgery if you consult a chiropractor first. So, before you schedule your operation, do a quick online search for some “non-surgical back pain treatment Near Me,” and see if RxWellness Spine & Health can help you avoid surgery, rehab, and a painful recovery process. 

Back Pain 

If ten people walk into a chiropractor’s office and all claim to be suffering from back pain, there is a good chance that they all work in different occupations and are all experiencing pain differently. For example, someone who sits at a computer all day and someone who lifts boxes all day may both experience back pain, but a chiropractor would have to adjust each treatment to target the affected area. Pain is usually considered chronic when it lasts more than three months and is unable to heal on its own. At RxWellness Spine & Health, we will carefully consider how you are being affected by pain and create a treatment plan to target the exact area.  

Non-Surgical Back pain treatment Near Me

Surgery can be an extremely scary word that comes with a long and complicated healing process, which can still turn out unsuccessful in the end. Sometimes back pain can be the result of things outside our control like a slip and fall, auto accident, or degenerative bone disorder. In those cases, you might have no choice but to seek the intervention of a surgeon. However, in most cases, back pain is often the result of incorrect form, bad posture, or general neglect. For example, many people work jobs where they sit at a computer all day. Things like sitting in a chair without proper support, your computer screen being high or too low, or not practicing proper posture can contribute to chronic back pain. 

Some natural and easy ways you can relieve back pain include wearing proper equipment, strengthening the muscles in the back and core, improving posture, and utilizing ergonomics in the workplace. You can also work with a chiropractic professional to receive regular adjustments and work with a massage therapist to release tension in the back muscles. It is important to take an active approach to back health and to constantly seek activities, like yoga, or treatments, like dry needling, that will relieve back pain on a regular basis.   

Non-surgical Treatments at RxWellness  

When you work with the RxWellness Chiropractic team, we will conduct a full examination to gather a list of your presented symptoms. We will also complete X-rays to help us see what is happening with the vertebrae and to help us pinpoint areas of weakness and instability that are contributing to chronic back pain. We will use this information to help us customize our recommended treatments and target the correct locations of destabilization, so we can correct and improve complications that are contributing to extreme discomfort. When you work with our chiropractors, they design a treatment plan to help you see the most improvement based on the information they gather during your consultation and from any feedback you provide. Some possible treatments that can help you see improvement may include, spinal adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, intersegmental traction table, Dry Needling, Active Release Technique, or spinal decompression. Your specific treatment can include a combination of these techniques or something else entirely. 

The benefits of each mentioned treatment are outlined below. 

Spinal adjustments are important for proper alignment and keeping the body stable. They relieve pressure off the nerves and allow the nervous system to communicate effectively. 

Soft tissue manipulation uses varying levels of pressure to manipulate soft tissue and fossa of the body in an attempt to relieve pain and discomfort

An intersegmental traction table is used to stretch and align the muscles in the back while also increasing blood flow and oxygen to spinal discs to accelerate the recovery time of back injuries. It is used to help improve stiffness, tension, and pressure off the back.

Dry needling is extremely effective at pinpointing specific areas to reduce and resolve trigger points that can develop from muscle overuse. 

Active release technique can be used to treat inflamed fascia that may be causing extreme pain, discomfort, or stiffness. It can also be used to treat major muscle groups that are suffering from a strain or injury.

Spinal decompression is useful for relieving pressure off the spine. The decompression table gently stretches the spine and forces the vertebrae to reposition themselves in a way that relieves pressure off the nerve. 

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Exposure to levels of stress can contribute to the back pain you experience, but working with the right chiropractic team can mean the difference between living a full lifestyle and searching for a surgeon to perform a back operation. You are less likely to need surgery if you consult a chiropractor first, so before you schedule your operation look for some “non-surgical back pain treatment Near Me,” and see if RxWellness Spine & Health can help you avoid surgery altogether. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation at any of our offices across the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area please give us a call at 1(703) 904 9666 or book a consultation online. 


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