Pregnancy Back Pain – The Causes and How To Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy Back Pain – The Causes and How To Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Lizzy is in the second trimester of her first pregnancy. She is often clueless about what to expect, but many of her mom-friends have been an amazing resource to her. They are always available to answer phone calls and respond to text messages whenever she has the slightest concern, and hearing their answers always puts her at ease. Recently, Lizzy has been experiencing intense low back pain and swollen ankles. When she tells her friends of this problem, they assure her that it’s normal and tell her not to worry. They explain that most of them have had similar issues with their pregnancies and that the pain will go away after she gives birth. Lizzy wants to take their advice, but she does not want to accept this agonizing back pain for another five months. 

Lizzy is lucky to have such amazing friends, and as an expecting mother, that kind of connection and closeness can be invaluable. Lizzy’s friends all mean well and are merely advising her based on their own experiences, however, suffering through pregnancy back pain may be conventional, but it is not necessary or advisable. Many changes occur with the body during pregnancy and working with the qualified chiropractic team at RxWellness Spine & Health in Tysons Corner can help expecting mothers have a more comfortable pregnancy and smoother labor.   

RxWellness Pregnancy Back Pain 

What Happens During Pregnancy

Dr. Phil Golinsky, the founder and CEO of RxWellness Spine & Health, had a quick informational segment of Good Morning Washington where he briefly discussed why women often experience low back pain during pregnancy. Dr. Phil explains that when a woman is pregnant, the body releases “this chemical called relaxin. Relaxin relaxes the ligaments and the ligaments have to be relaxed for the body to make room for the baby. Now when that happens…those relaxed ligaments are going to pull on the lumbar spine, the low back spine. So people are going to start having low back pain.” Dr. Phil goes on to explain that this occurs in addition to the twenty or thirty pounds of added baby weight to create a list of complicated variables that can contribute to pregnancy back pain. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Manage Pregnancy Back Pain 

When a woman gains weight during her pregnancy, her center of gravity shifts forward and the spine is pulled out of alignment. In addition to this change, the production of relaxin can result in bones shifting to positions they should not be in and can lead to the compression of nerves in the spine, resulting in chronic discomfort. When you work with a chiropractor, they will provide gentle adjustments to realign the spine and help bring the body back into balance. 

At RxWellness Spine & Health, you will work with a team of professionals who will customize your care plan to your specific needs and your level of pain. Dr. Phil explains how often an expecting mother should receive chiropractic care, and states that when you schedule a consultation, “we’ll probably start them off once every two weeks, then it might be once every week,” because these recommendations are heavily based on the needs of the mother. Dr. Phil even admits that “there have been some moms who come to see me every other day because they feel good for ten hours but then the pain starts coming back” he explains that this can occur when the moms “wake in the morning sleeping on the wrong side….[with] 30-40 extra pounds of amniotic fluid and the baby and everything else in their belly.” This can cause problems in the low back or the sciatic nerve, but our chiropractic team can help to relieve some of the discomforts. 

RxWellness Pregnancy Back Pain 

Working With RxWellness Spine & Health While Pregnant 

Seeking chiropractic care as an addition to your prenatal care is a great way to improve your discomfort and reduce your pregnancy back pain. When you work with RxWellness Spine & Health, you can be assured that your care team has special licenses and certifications to provide you with the safest and most beneficial care available. Dr. Phil advises that “If you’re seeing a chiropractor that specializes in children or pregnant women they should be certified by the ICPA [International Chiropractic Pediatric Association].” They are responsible for putting chiropractors through the appropriate training, and Dr. Phil also explains that they “get everything prepared, whether it’s the breach training technique,” or a simple adjustment. The ICPA is responsible for training chiropractors on “how to take care of moms that are pregnant properly.” Dr. Phil also explains that “ when mom is under chiropractic care their births, typically, are a lot easier because once the pelvis is properly aligned the baby can go through easier.” So not only can chiropractic care help alleviate back pain, but it can also create shorter labor times and a smoother birthing process. 

RxWellness Pregnancy Back Pain 



When you schedule a consultation at RxWellness Spine & Health in Tysons Corner, you will have an opportunity to work with Dr. Sandra McGourty. Dr. McGourty is a Board-certified professional in chiropractic and physiotherapy. She has special certifications in Active Release Technique and Graston Technique. She specializes in treating patients that suffer from conditions related to sports injuries, repetitive stress/strain, motor vehicle accidents, postural/biomechanical disorders, and expecting mothers. If you are experiencing chronic pregnancy back pain, she is one of the best professionals you can find. 

At our Tysons wellness center, in addition to working with Dr. McGourty, you will also be working with some of the most skilled massage therapists in the DMV. When you combine both chiropractic care and massage therapy, you get the benefit of two professionals uniquely equipped to pinpoint and treat your specific areas of concern. The adjustments can help properly align the pelvis and the massage can help relieve tension and tightness in the low back muscles. The overall goal of the treatment will be to reduce pain, and 75% of mothers report a reduction in pain after about two to four days after treatment and about 31% of women report shorter labor times. 

Dr. Phil’s Patient, Suzanne, On Pregnancy Back Pain 

Suzanne has been seeing Dr.Phil since the start of her pregnancy and reports noticeable changes since receiving regular chiropractic care. She explains that this is her third pregnancy and says during, “my first two I had sciatica and was on bed rest because the pain was so bad,” she also says, “I’ve been seeing Dr.Phil once a week since I got pregnant and no sciatica,” and admits that she was “hesitant to receive chiropractic care in general, but it has been the biggest game-changer.” When asked what she wants other moms to know, Suzanna says, “don’t stay in pain. If you’re in pain and you’re pregnant,…give RxWellness a call. See Dr. Phil or any of the other great doctors there, they’ll take care of you.” 

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If Lizzy had a friend like Suzanne, she would know that she doesn’t have to wait until after she gives birth to seek help for her low back pain. She can get chiropractic care and begin feeling better immediately. 

RxWellness Pregnancy Back Pain 

Carrying a child is such an immense blessing and joy for any woman to undertake. And as joyful as a pregnancy can be, it also comes with a lot of risks, possible compilation, and pain. The body shifts and changes a great deal to support the growing fetus, and unfortunately, pregnancy back pain is only one of the possible problems an expecting mother can face. If you are pregnant and in a great deal of pain or you want to prevent the discomfort before the start, contact RxWelless Spine & Health in Tysons Corner. Our qualified chiropractic team can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and even a shorter labor and delivery time. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, give us a call at (571) 348-1540or book an appointment online. We are located at 8609 Westwood Center Dr, Suite 620, Vienna, VA 22182.