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Cold Laser Therapy In Virginia, Maryland & Washington D.C.

Even though lasers are more than half a century old, they are most commonly still revered as instruments of science fiction, and many people often struggle to consider their use in the modern world. However, lasers are used in everyday medicine for varying types of treatment methodologies and procedures. At RxWellness Spine & Health, we use a state-of-the-art treatment known as cold laser therapy, which utilizes laser technology to provide a safe and effective type of treatment for our patients. Cold laser therapy is a non-surgical non-invasive treatment that relieves pain and speeds up the healing process in soft tissue cells.

Treatments Offered at RxWellness Spine & Health

The term “cold” in cold laser therapy does not refer to temperature, but to intensity. The term is used to differentiate between low-level lasers and high-level lasers of surgical use. They are non-thermal and extremely safe. Surgical lasers cut and cauterize incisions, and cold lasers pass through the skin’s surface without leaving a mark or causing any discomfort. The beam can enter tissues at a depth of up to 5 centimeters, allowing it to interact with deeper tissues. The beam then proceeds to convey some amazing benefits, including:

  • Accelerated healing
    The laser energy causes cells to produce more ATP, a substance critical for cellular repair.
    The extra ATP leads to more efficient re-growth of tissues and faster recovery from t injuries or surgical wounds.
    The tissue of the bones and nerves are better able to repair themselves with the aid of cold laser therapy.
  • Pain/inflammation relief
    The laser’s energy enhances blood flow to the treatment site, this helps nutrients reach the site more efficiently while also enabling the tissue to rid itself of inflammatory substances.
    The boost in circulation also helps reduce swelling.

These benefits make cold laser therapy a great complement to chiropractic adjustment and other natural therapeutic techniques. The RxWellness chiropractic team may consider prescribing cold laser therapy to treat some of the following conditions:

  • Sports or workplace injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Chronic pain
  • Osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint diseases
  • Wound healing
  • Nerve or bone regeneration

The RxWellness chiropractic team will often prescribe cold laser therapy to heal injured soft tissue, and the lasers offer a drug-free way of reducing pain and inflammation. So, if you suffer from chronic muscle tightness that contributes to extreme discomfort, cold laser therapy may be able to help your muscles loosen up and effectively ease the pain. When you schedule your initial consultation with one of the doctors at RxWellness, they will discuss if cold laser therapy would be right for you.

Cold laser therapy is safe, non-toxic, non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical. It can also be a great option for individuals who are unable to take painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. A typical session is as easy as resting comfortably for a few minutes while the laser does all the work. If you need a chiropractor and you are in the Virginia, Maryland, or DC area then schedule a consultation with RxWellness Spine & Health and talk to one of our qualified chiropractors. You can contact us at (703) 904-9666 today to see if cold laser therapy is right for you, and you can also book an appointment online. We have offices located throughout northern Virginia and Maryland and are easily accessible for the entire DMV community.


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