Cupping Treatments In Fairfax

Cupping is a form of therapy that utilizes suction to help improve circulation and blood flow in the areas directly under the treatment spot. Cupping can almost be described as a reverse massage that uses suction as opposed to pressure to improve blood and oxygen flow. It can be ideal for sensitive areas that are unable to receive a lot of direct contact or pressure. When you work with the RxWellness Fairfax Cupping Team, you have the opportunity to work with a medical professional who can provide the benefits of both chiropractic care and cupping. The RxWellness Fairfax cupping doctors are trained in chiropractic care and a wide variety of supplementary treatment methods.

When you work with the RxWellness Fairfax Cupping team, our goal is to understand your exact needs for recovery and then create a treatment plan that targets and heals every problem area. If you think cupping might be the right option for you, schedule a consultation with the chiropractors at Fairfax Cupping Clinic, and they will help you better understand the benefits of adding cupping to your wellness plan.

Benefits of Receiving Cupping Treatments in Fairfax

People often prefer consulting with our Fairfax Cupping doctors because of our deeply ingrained philosophy of drug-free treatment, and cupping is an example of an effective drug-free non-invasive treatment suitable for a wide variety of patients and conditions. Cupping was first popularized by Olympic-level athletes who relied on the treatment to treat sports injuries, improve range of motion, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. It is often characterized by the round marks it leaves on the skin, which are painless, harmless and the result of fresh blood being pulled into the treatment area.

At the RxWellness Fairfax Cupping clinic, our patients can expect a personalized approach to patient care and safe quality recommendations. Cupping treatment plans are a special patient-by-patient approach that creates a unique approach to holistic wellness care by using suction to bring a wide variety of benefits to each patient’s care plan. Cupping can be effective at:

  • Improving congestion
    Cupping can break up mucus in the lungs or throat, so after a treatment, you might begin coughing and expelling mucus.
  • Increasing circulation
    Cupping pulls fresh blood to the treatment area. This can be observed from the rising and reddening of the skin.
  • Relieving stress
    Applying the cups to the skin engages the parasynthetic nervous system, which slows your heart rate and promotes relaxation.

If you are struggling with chronic pain and want to learn how a RxWellness Fairfax cupping doctor can help, book a consultation with the Fairfax Cupping team and learn about your wellness options today!

Conditions That Can Be Treated By Cupping in Fairfax

Cupping is a natural pain-free treatment option that many patients find calming and beneficial for treating discomfort. The suction under the cup can be described as a reverse massage that promotes blood flow, increases circulation, and promotes healing. When done under the careful guidance of a Fairfax cupping chiropractor, it can be used to treat conditions like:

  • Back, neck, & shoulder pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Varicose veins
  • Sport injuries
  • Digestive issues

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, then work with a RxWellness Cupping doctor and let our integrated medical team help you see major improvements.

What to Expect From the RxWellness Fairfax Cupping Clinic

During your initial consultation, your Fairfax Cupping doctor will listen to your concerns to get a better understanding of your symptoms. They will do some necessary examinations, which will likely include X-rays. After the Fairfax cupping team has a better understanding of your presented symptoms, they will recommend a treatment plan. The recommendations may include a full body adjustment, time on the intersegmental traction table, the decompression table, cupping, or any other treatments that your Fairfax cupping doctor believes would benefit you.

Your appointment may go a little like this:

  • Consultation
    Have a one-on-one talk with your Fairfax chiropractor to fully explain your list of concerns. Do not leave anything out, even if you think it might not be important.
  • Examination
    Your Fairfax chiropractor will try to understand how your body is currently performing. They may test your reflexes or recommend an X-ray.
  • Recommendation
    After weighing your presented symptoms with the information they gathered during the examination, they will recommend the best treatment option for you.
  • Treatment
    They will treat the problem area with the best techniques for you. This is when you would receive cupping if your Fairfax chiropractor believes it would be the best option for your recovery.
Cupping Treatments in Fairfax Combined With Chiropractic Care

When you receive cupping at the RxWellness Fairfax cupping clinic, we will outline your cupping treatment plan and outline focus areas that will enhance your chiropractic experience. The Fairfax cupping doctor will always consult with each patient, do a full examination, and get a complete understanding of each condition before recommending cupping or any type of care plan. The goal is to help relieve current and chronic discomfort while also preventing the return of future complications.

When you work with the RxWellness Fairfax Cupping team, we will aim to better understand your needs so we can provide the best treatment plan possible. If your Fairfax cupping doctor recommends cupping for you, the cups will be placed over the problem area and left on for a short period. You will experience a suction feeling, which pulls fresh blood into the treatment site and helps the body heal more efficiently. If your Fairfax chiropractor recommends cupping for you, it will add a deeper and more enriching healing experience to complement the chiropractic adjustments.

Contact Us About Cupping Treatments in Fairfax

Choosing to work with an Fairfax cupping doctor can help relieve a lot of your discomfort, and at RxWellness, we will do everything possible to help you leave feeling much better than when you arrived. Our brain does a really good job of tuning out constant stimulation so it can focus on new information, so there is probably a lot of pain and tension your brain is currently tuning out. We will help you relieve discomfort instead of ignoring it. At the RxWellness Fairfax Cupping Clinic, we have amazing cupping chiropractors who will provide quality patient care and customized treatment to help alleviate chronic discomfort. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at (703)904-9666 or book an appointment online.


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