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Workplace Wellness Treatments In Virginia, Maryland & Washington D.C.

Here at RxWellness Spine & Health we focus on more than just your spinal health. We specialize in the overall Health and Wellness of our patients and local communities. We understand that in this work-a-holic society that your health and wellness is a must.

RxWellness chiropractors are part of an exclusive, highly selective group of trained doctors who bring wellness into the workplace. These doctors specialize and excel in helping Human Resources (HR) and Benefits Directors implement Corporate Wellness Programs into their businesses. We not only demonstrate to employees that their employer values their health, but also allows companies to elevate the health and overall capabilities of each of their employees.

Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive. Employers can cut down on:

  • Absenteeism
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Health insurance
  • Hiring and training costs

During one of our RxWellness workplace wellness seminars, our doctors will discuss unhealthy workplace habits and preventative measures for common injuries resulting in complaints about back pain and headaches. Some of the workplace wellness topics address proper posture, text neck, stress management and standing versus sitting. Our doctors are accompanied by several of their skilled staff to demonstrate exercises and the benefits of chiropractic care with workplace wellness.

Let RxWellness Spine & Health facilitate workplace wellness workshops for your staff. You can empower them by allowing our team to give them the tools and information needed to achieve spectacular health, so that they continue to help reach company goals and objectives at their optimum level.

We also offers health screenings, relax-the-back events, seminars, and breakfast/lunch & learn presentations offered free of charge to employers who want to support healthy behaviors and workplace wellness.

Check out our RxWellness locations and find one near you in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas!

Contact us via email at: to request a COMPLIMENTARY Wellness Lunch & Learn or Relax-The-Back Event for your company.


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