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What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care involves manipulations and joint adjustments to the spine and extremities in order to restore balance to the body. It is proven to be an effective treatment for lower back pain, neck, shoulder, and headache pain. Chiropractic adjustment is also beneficial for the treatment of other acute spinal conditions, as well as chronic illnesses.Chiropractic adjustments increase blood and oxygen flow to all internal systems. This helps improve circulation, thereby improving your body’s ability to heal itself by reducing inflammation and swelling.

Our chiropractors, Dr. Phil and Dr. Kevin, personalize each treatment plan and offer a variety of techniques for pain relief, and to achieve a healthy spine through chiropractic care. The personalized treatment plans allow chiropractic care to showcase its benefits so that patients experience effective natural healing. Many patients experience a reduction of symptoms after one visit, with additional improvement made as the treatments progress.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

At RxWellness Spine & Health, a family chiropractic clinic, we believe that everyone from young children to the elderly can benefit from the natural healing of chiropractic care. Although most people are familiar with chiropractic treatments, few are aware of the full range of benefits it offers beyond pain relief. Chiropractic care can actually promote better overall health and wellness. Our skilled chiropractic team combines chiropractic care with complementary therapies to produce results such as:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Expedite healing
  • Alleviate pain
  • Prevent injuries
  • Prevent neuromuscular system disorders

When one area of the body is injured or inflamed, a chain reaction of other symptoms can be activated. Dr. Philip Golinsky identifies the source of the symptoms by addressing the body as a whole through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care can optimize your day to day functionality and relieve pain from many areas of the body such as:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists
  • Hips
  • Knees

Dr. Golinsky is a leading expert in advanced chiropractic techniques has been serving the Northern Virginia area in Herndon for over 23 years. His colleague Dr. Naples and their skilled staff at this chiropractic care center will create a family oriented experience with you while giving the best chiropractic treatment for your personal needs.

So, whether you have been recently injured, experience long-term pain, or are simply looking for ways to improve your overall health and quality of life, allow our professional staff at RxWellness Spine & Health to be your partner for a lifetime of better health. If you have been searching for a “chiropractor near me”, call us today and make your appointment at 703-904-9666.

Look no further than RxWellness Spine & Health to deliver the best in chiropractic health care in the Northern Virginia area. Not only are we the #1 rated chiropractic clinic in the region, but we have also received the most number of reviews from our clients.

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