Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Therapy


Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Therapy

Sports injuries are notorious for sidelining promising athletes, and without the right treatment, they can even ruin athletic careers. It is extremely important make an appointment and be seen by a healthcare professional after an injury, so you can enter a rehabilitation program as soon as possible to being healing your injury.  

With a growing number of Americans engaging in physical activities and sports, more people are getting injured while doing so. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 8 million sports injuries occur annually, with 3.2 million visits to emergency rooms each year for children aged 5-14 years old. 

In the U.S., about 30 million children and teens participate in some form of recreational activity or organized sport, causing millions of injuries each year, and resulting in lost participation time.  In fact, nearly a third of all injuries that occur during childhood are sports-related. By far, the most common of these injuries are sprains and strains. 

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Therapy

Causes Of Injuries 

Although each sport carries its own risk of injury, most sports injuries are due to soft tissue damage resulting from the impacts during play, fatigue and overuse, improper body mechanics, lack of warm-up, or poor training and conditioning methods. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Servicesthe most common sports injuries include sprains, knee injuries, strains, swollen muscles, fractures, shin splints, and dislocations. 

Contact sports such as football can be expected to have a higher number of injuries than a noncontact sport such as swimming; however, all sports and recreational activities have a potential for bodily injury. Whether from trauma resulting from contact with another player, or a strain or sprain from activity or overuse of a part of the body, sports injuries are a risk that [layers face when engaging in any activity. 

In addition to injuries playing games, poor sportsmanship from other players and dangerous game conditions can also cause injuries and health problems for athletes and hobbyists. While there are a multitude of risks associated with sports activities, proper preparation and physical therapy conditioning can mitigate the chances of becoming reinjured or making your injury worse.  

How Rehabilitation Helps 

In order to heal from sports injuries, many people require physical rehabilitation. Through chiropractic care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation exercises individuals can rebuild their strength and movement in parts of their body after an injury. Chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation help manage pain, facilitate injury healing, and prevent permanent damage and recurring issues from an injury.  

Young athletes and children are especially vulnerable to sports injuries due to lack of experience, growing and developing skeletal systems, and vigorous recreational and sport play. To prevent injuries from derailing future athletic ambitions and to maintain a healthy body, they should seek treatment immediately following any sports injury, no matter how minor it is perceived to be. 

Chiropractors and other rehabilitation specialists are trained to help patients recover following a sports injury by using various bodily adjustments and can teach exercises, stretches, and proper techniques for movement using specialized equipment. Ongoing chiropractic care, targeted physical rehabilitation, and conditioning can also help you perform better and stay on top of your game. 

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Therapy

Our History Of Sports Injury Treatment 

The doctors and healthcare professionals at RxWellness Spine & Health are experts at utilizing chiropractic treatment to heal and relieve pain caused by sports injuries. Chiropractic care is an effective method for treating sports injuries, since it addresses the most common causes of soft tissue damage and misaligned joints and the spine. Through careful manipulations and adjustments, chiropractic care works to heal sports injuries and restore your body to its rightful state. 

Our in-house sports doctor Philip Golinsky has treated a variety of sports injuries in his 23 years of chiropractic care. The RxWellness sports injury clinic also has teams of skilled physical therapists and massage therapists who provide rehabilitation and therapeutic techniques to relieve areas of pain, reduce tension in the body, and help patients on their path to recovery.  

Our local chiropractic center is one of the largest chiropractic facilities in the area, with highly qualified healthcare professionals to care for you and your family following a sport-related injury. From patient care specialists and massage therapists to chiropractors and physical therapists, our staff have the knowledge and experience to help you recover from any sports related injury. Dr. Philip Golinsky himself is a former multi-champion body builder for various Natural Body Building Organizations and understands the unique challenges of recovering from sports related and recreational injuries. 

Treatment Options 

RxWellness offers a variety of treatment options and rehabilitation therapies for sports injuries, to help you get back on your feet and in the game faster. Regardless of the type of sports injury you have sustained, our healthcare experts have treatment options to help you heal and recover. Our healthcare experts evaluate your injury, and then carefully monitor you throughout the treatment and rehabilitation process.  

We have the latest technology and chiropractic care practices to treat sports injuries, including: 

  • Vibraflex 
  • Cold laser therapy 
  • Electrotherapy 
  • Spinal decompression 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Chiropractic adjustment 
  • Physical therapy 

Along with our different sports injury treatments, we offer a unique treatment program that combines the specialties of chiropractic care and active physical therapy rehabilitation. The goal of the physical therapy program is to correct the issues underlying trauma obtained from sports injuries and other physical damage in order to return patients to their normal functioning lives. The RxWellness staff implement a wide range of customized treatment options to care for patients through the program’s three steps: relief care, corrective care, and maintenance care. 

In the first phase of the program, relief care, patients prepare for active physical therapy through different treatments, such as massage therapy, spinal decompression, intersegmental traction, and chiropractic adjustments, which decrease pain and lessen injury symptoms.  

During the second phase of the program, corrective care, patients undergo active physical therapy and rehabilitation through strength and endurance training, stretching, in addition to balance and proprioception exercises. The goal of this portion of the plan is to eliminate injury symptoms and increase strength, range of motion, balance, and proprioception to maximize functional abilities. 

The goal of the final phase of the program, maintenance care, is to continue functioning at an optimal level without experiencing injury symptoms. Maintenance care treatment is less frequent and acts as a preventative measure with chiropractic care and massage, so you can engage in physical activities, play sports, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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