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Accident Chiropractic Unknown Facts

There are too many people who are unfortunately familiar with car accidents and the severe injuries that can occur from this traumatic event. That’s why RxWellness Spine & Health exists, to make sure your whiplash injuries get treated, and to answer questions you may have about accident chiropractic care. There are some who wonder if … Continue reading Accident Chiropractic Unknown Facts

6 Delayed Accident Symptoms

Car accidents are traumatic for anyone, even if it’s just a “fender-bender.” Car accidents can cause physical, mental, and emotional trauma for victims.Even if the “fender-bender” doesn’t look that bad for your car, your body may have actually absorbed most of the impact. It is not uncommon for injuries to stay hidden for a few days … Continue reading 6 Delayed Accident Symptoms

How To Treat Back Pain After A Car Accident

The human body is incredible. It is complex and intricate. Nature created our bodies to be strong, resilient and withstand various outside forces and disease. However, the average human body also has it limitations. Car accidents are extremely traumatic not only emotionally, but physically. Our bodies were not created to withstand 2000 pounds of force … Continue reading How To Treat Back Pain After A Car Accident