Dr. Joshua Alvarado

Arlington Clinic Director

Dr. Joshua Alvarado - RxWellness

Dr. Joshua Alvarado is the Clinic Director of RxWellness Spine & Health Arlington. He was born and raised in Colorado. His inspiration for physical medicine and wellness started at a young age from playing multiple sports, hiking and backpacking. Dr. Josh stayed in his home town to earn his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University. After obtaining a Bachelor’s in exercise science, he went on to New York Chiropractic College to fulfill his passion for helping others and teaching them how to invest in their body and overall well being. He immediately went on to work in Northern Virginia, eventually ending up in Arlington, where he has practiced for the last six years. Dr. Josh takes pleasure in working with the Arlington community, and relishes the fact that Arlington county was named one of the fittest in the country. He specializes in treating athletes, runners, and fitness enthusiasts.

Dr. Josh uses a personalized manual approach to heal patients. His whole body approach is unique to each individual. Dr. Josh’s procedure involves but is not limited to active myofascial release, instrument assisted techniques, cupping, trigger point deactivation, physiotherapy, dry needling, acupuncture, mobility, and strength training. These techniques combined with his highly specialized diversified adjusting techniques work to reduce interference on the nervous system, restore physical health, and improve body function in the shortest period of time. Dr. Josh’s hope for his patients is that they can come to rely on him as a mentor and friend.

When Dr. Josh is not in the office treating patients, he is most likely not found sitting around at home. He and his family stay very busy with social activities at their church and spending time out doors playing sports. Dr. Josh enjoys throwing around a baseball with his kids and strength training in the gym for his own personal fitness goals. He lives a life that promotes health and vitality, and will always practice what he preaches to his patients. His mission is to empower his patients to be proactive about their health.