Phoebe Casey
Phoebe Casey

Chief Operating Officer

Phoebe Casey - RxWellness

As the Chief Wellness and Operating Officer for RxWellness Spine & Health, Phoebe has a passion for helping people to be at their best. Phoebe graduated at the top of her class with dual business degrees in Accounting and Management Information Systems and sought after by the elite Big-Six management consulting firms. She is a seasoned business Executive with more than twenty-nine (29) years of experience in growth, expansion, transformation, and optimization of Fortune 100 companies. She strives to bring her business experience to develop high quality natural wellness centers that serve the surrounding communities. Through her extensive management consulting experience, Phoebe has acquired business knowledge that is both broad and deep. Phoebe held various positions that allowed her to gain a deep understanding of business operations from front to back office across many industries. As a result, Phoebe has the uncanny ability to go into any business in any industry, quickly size up its strengths, weaknesses and be able to devise a strategic plan to optimize that business. 

RxWellness was founded based on our shared value of helping as many people as possible lead happier, healthier lives. To that end,  Phoebe visualized  herself as part of that creation. Phoebe is a daughter, a mother, a corporate worker, and a competitive athlete. As a daughter, with aging parents, she wanted to create a place where the elderly can come to receive conservative care for their failing joints and arthritic pains. As a mother, she wanted a place that could care for her children, to help with their allergies, asthma and increase their sports performance, naturally. As a corporate worker, she wanted a place where corporate desk jockeys like her could receive treatments for their tired joints, back/neck pains, and headaches. As a competitive athlete, she understands the criticality of having your body tuned at its optimal level to win. Hence, RxWellness was developed with the goal of being the Natural Wellness Destination for all parts of a person’s life. We provide a 360 degree level of care for the individual, their extended families, and friends. The DMV has a highly productive, educated workforce who understands and sought out natural healthcare alternatives for their families before resorting to drugs or surgeries. Phoebe is a living example of this persona, and she strives to help individuals in their steps towards healthy behaviors that improve energy, productivity, and quality performance at work and life.

 “Our practices are developed to be patient-centered and focused on creating the best patient experience.” Under Phoebe’s leadership, all RxWellness patients are to receive the best care experience when they walk through the door. It starts with the distinctive soothing colors and design that puts our patients at immediate ease that they are at a place that puts their well-being at the forefront. From our front office staff to the doctors and specialists who care for them, our patients are treated with the most attentive, frictionless care. Their only focus is on getting well while in our office. When they leave, they experience relief and increased energy; “that is what our patients need; that is what they deserve”.

Phoebe is a mother, wife and entrepreneur who sought early in her career to accomplish a lot in her lifetime while attaining balance. Phoebe has received various accolades and articles written about her as a woman business leader in magazines such as “Modern Women Magazine” and “Washington Business Journal”. She aspires to inspire women to strive for being the best versions of themselves. Her advice: “With focus, determination, plan and actionable steps, the life you want is attainable! But first and foremost, take care of your health. This is what will carry you for life!”