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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Treatment with our Herndon Chiropractor

Man with tennis elbow

If you have severe elbow pain and stiffness, you may be one of the many players who suffer from lateral epicondylitis -- more commonly known as tennis elbow. This form of overuse injury leaves your elbow tissues in a constant state of irritation and inflammation, spoiling your game while also making everyday tasks painful. The good news is that tennis elbow's symptoms can be relieved through treatment of its underlying causes. RxWellness Spine & Health is happy to provide you with safe, non-surgical tennis elbow treatment.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

To understand tennis elbow, you must first understand how the tissues of the elbow are arranged. The muscles that flex your elbow joint are connected to the bones by tendons. The tendons that connect the forearm muscles to upper arm attach at bony protrusions called epicondyles. One muscle in particular, the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis (ECRB), attaches to the lateral epicondyle along the outer surface of the elbow. This muscle is usually the one that "goes bad" in cases of tennis elbow. The ECRB plays a critical role in stabilizing your arm during certain tennis swings, but it rubs along the lateral epicondyle as it does so. Frequent rubbing can cause micro-tears that weaken and inflame the tissue. The more you overuse your elbow, either through over-training or due to flawed technique, the more frequently the tissue becomes re-injured, without sufficient opportunity to heal.

This repetitive motion injury isn't unique to tennis players; artists, musicians, construction workers and office employees can all strain their elbows in this fashion. The result is pain that occurs whenever you try to lift objects, raise or straighten your hand, or grip objects.  Even opening a door can be an agonizing experience -- and playing tennis becomes out of the question.

Our Chiropractor Can Ease Your Elbow Inflammation

A chiropractic evaluation is a great way to start coming to grips with your tennis elbow issues. Our chiropractor can evaluate, not only the position of your elbow joint components, but also your entire musculoskeletal system for any alignment errors that may be throwing your body -- and therefore your tennis technique -- off-balance. Gentle, precise adjustment can then realign those joint components for optimal performance, relieving a major underlying cause of your pain. We can also soothe and rehabilitate your ECRB and surrounding tissue through:

  • Massage therapy, which can reduce swelling, pain and inflammation
  • Cold laser therapy, a high-tech technique for accelerating tissue repair and relieving discomfort
  • Electrical stimulation to rebuild elbow muscle strength

We can combine multiple healing methods into an integrated, customized program to help you feel better and heal more quickly.

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