What Are Some Causes of Wrist Pain

Stacy is a court stenographer and spends hours tied up in courtroom proceedings documenting countless witness testimonies for the record. Her work requires laser-sharp focus and quick fingers. She is very good at her job and just recently celebrated her seventh work anniversary. About three years ago, she started noticing some mild pain in her wrist that has only gotten worse with time. Sometimes when she has a flare-up, she braces the wrist for about a week at a time and that usually calms the problem down. Recently, however, she has been needing to brace the wrist more frequently. 

If you, like Stacy, suffer from chronic wrist pain, you might be wondering what are some causes of wrist pain. It is always important to uncover the root problem in order to create the correct treatment. After you consider some possible causes of your discomfort, the next step is to contact RxWellness Spine & Health in Tysons and schedule a consultation. If you work a job that requires constant use of the wrist, then it is important to be proactive about your joint health, especially since the joints in the wrist are very tiny, and can quickly become painful. 

What Are Some Causes of Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can result suddenly from accidents or injuries that result in strains or fractures. Or they can develop slowly over time as a result of repetitive stress. Risk factors for wrist pain can range from lifestyle habits to genetic predisposition. For example, if you are an active person who enjoys playing sports like football, golf, or tennis, then your risk of sustaining a sudden wrist injury is significantly higher. 

Your occupation can also expose you to repetitive stress, and increases your risk of developing chronic wrist pain. For example, if you cut hair, type on a keyboard, or drive a truck you are at a higher risk of suffering from chronic wrist problems, which typically develops slowly over time. 

Genetic factors like diabetes, obesity, and rheumatoid arthritis can also increase your chance of chronic wrist pain.  

Preventative Methods for Wrist Pain 

The best source of preventative care for wrist pain is chiropractic care. Regular adjustments can promote joint health and correct misalignment, relieve inflammation, and relieve tight muscles that can be caused by repetitive stress. There is no way to prevent injury, but regular adjustments can increase flexibility and range of motion, which places your wrist in better shape to handle the demands of an active lifestyle.   

 A few additional tips to promote wrist health include always wearing protective gear when playing sports, building up strength in the muscles and bones, and using ergonomic work equipment whenever possible.  

How Can Chiropractic Care Relieve Wrist Pain 

Working jobs that require constant use of the wrist for hours at a time can result in joint misalignment, tight muscles, and inflammation. These conditions then place significant pressure on the nerves and reduce their ability to transmit information at an optimal level. The purpose of chiropractic care is to relieve pressure on those nerves, so they can function effectively without any hindrance or interference. 

There are many ways the chiropractor can attempt to relieve the pressure, and each recommended treatment will depend on how the nerve is being compressed. For example, if a misalignment in the wrist is causing compression on the nerves, then the doctor might recommend regular adjustments to realign the bones in the joints and relieve the pressure off those nerve. However, if the nerves are compressed due to tight muscles, then dry needling and massage therapy might be a better option. 

When you schedule a consultation at RxWellness Tysons, your initial visit will focus on uncovering the problem contributing to wrist pain, and then your treatment plan will be created accordingly. 

RxWellness Spine & Health 

At RxWellness Spine & Health, you can be confident that you will be working with the best chiropractic professionals in Tysons Corner who will work diligently to find a long-term solution to your discomfort. In addition to the most knowledgeable chiropractors in the DMV, our patients also have access to some of the most skilled massage therapists available. Oftentimes wrist pain includes discomfort in both the joints and the muscles, and at RxWellness Tysons we have professionals who are trained to address both. 

The overall goal of chiropractic care is to discover the source of your discomfort, heal the area, and then allow the body to take over. When you schedule a consultation at RxWellness, we will try to understand every detail of your discomfort, so we can correctly pinpoint its source and design your recovery plan.

At RxWellness Spine & Health, your care team may recommend services designed to target and relax the muscles in the wrist. For example, they may utilize soft tissue manipulation, dry needling, STIM, or taping. In addition to services that target the muscles, they may also recommend regular adjustments to promote joint health in the wrist and hands. We will document your symptoms and use them to better customize your treatment. We always encourage an open line of communication between our patients and the care team. This will help us adjust our recommendations to better match your immediate needs.  

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When wrist pain gets in the way, it can make simple activities painful or difficult. Chronic wrist pain can be the result of injury or the consequence of poor joint health. Regardless of why you are in pain, working with a qualified chiropractic team can help. Schedule a consultation at RxWellness Spine & Health in Tysons Corner, and ask our knowledgeable professionals all the questions you have: Like what are some causes of wrist pain? And how can chiropractic care help? We will discuss every possibility with you and then move forward with a care plan to help you see relief. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation at our Tysons Corner location please give us a call at 1(703) 904 9666 or book a consultation online.