What Causes Headaches

For as long as Jack could remember, he has suffered from chronic headaches. They come and go, and sometimes interfere with his ability to complete projects by diminishing his capacity to focus. He works as a photographer and spends half his time carrying around heavy equipment to various venues, and the other half of the time hunched over a computer fixing and editing the photos he captures. In addition to the headaches, Jack notices a constant pulling at the back of his neck and a constant pain between his shoulder blades. He spends at least fifteen minutes a day stretching the muscles and has begun taking yoga classes recently. He hopes that if he starts stretching regularly it will help with the pain in his neck and shoulders, unfortunately, he doesn’t have a plan for relieving the headaches. 

If you are suffering from chronic headaches, the first question you might be asking is what causes headaches. In some cases of chronic headaches, chiropractic care can help. For example, tight muscles that pull at the base of the skull can contribute to chronic headaches, and the only way to see long-term improvement is to correct misalignment and relax tight muscles in the neck and shoulder areas. It can be easy to take painkillers to numb the symptoms, but because the medication does not address the overly stressed state of the muscles, the pain often returns. Schedule a consultation at RxWellness Spine & Health in Rockville, MD and we can help you determine if chiropractic care is right for you. 

What Causes Headaches

Headaches are a very common complaint in the United States that affect a wide range of people in different ways. The reason behind why you are suffering from headaches can often be unclear, and unless you can pinpoint the root cause, you are not likely to experience any lasting relief. 

Headaches can be classified into two distinct categories: Primary headaches and Secondary headaches

Primary headaches are not symptoms of an underlying condition and are caused by overactive pain-sensitive structures. They can be triggered by chemical activity in the brain, nerves, and blood vessels surrounding the skull, or the muscles in your head and neck. The most common types of primary headaches are cluster headaches, tension headaches, and migraines. 

Chiropractic adjustments can relieve pressure off the nervous system, which can reduce the build-up of tension that can contribute to chronic primary headaches. 

Secondary headaches are symptoms of more complex problems and can be triggered by conditions like concussion, ear infection, high blood pressure, toothache, and more. 

In some unique causes of chronic headaches, chiropractic care can be very effective. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, contact RxWellness Spine & Health and see if chiropractic care can help. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Reduce Headaches 

Poor posture, uncomfortable sleeping positions, and spinal misalignment can cause painful trigger points to develop in the muscles at the base of the skull. These trigger points or knots can send pain surging through different areas of the head, and that pressure is most commonly felt around the temples and behind the eyes. 

Spinal adjustments can correct misalignment, while soft tissue techniques like dry needling, massage therapy, and STIM can relax the muscles to relieve the constant pulling. The adjustments are perfectly safe when done by a trained chiropractor. They consist of gentle hands-on techniques to promote movement in areas of the neck that are stuck or stiff. 

RxWellness Spine & Health 

Headaches and migraines are very common complaints, and when you schedule a consultation with the RxWellness Spine & Health chiropractic team, you will not have to rely on pain medication to get through the day. We are a holistic chiropractic care center, and we approach each condition with the goal of identifying and healing the root cause. We will never recommend painkillers to numb the symptoms, instead, we will use your presented symptoms to better guide our approach and further personalize your recovery plan. 

At RxWellness Spine & Health, you can expect quality care from the best chiropractic specialist available. Our care team will listen to your concerns and carefully go over what causes headaches and what specific conditions may be contributing to your discomfort. On your first visit, you will receive a detailed consultation that goes over your health history, daily habits, and painful symptoms. The doctor may conduct tests that include x-rays, to get a better idea of the underlying cause contributing to your headaches. Once they have made a diagnosis, they will outline a treatment plan and walk you through what to expect from care. 

We offer a wide variety of beneficial services that include massage therapy, dry needling, STIM, and more. Once your care team has an idea of why you are in pain, they will devise a plan that targets both the affected joints and muscles. Your plan may include neck adjustments combined with some of the previously listed services or something else entirely. Your feedback is crucial for optimizing your recovery plan, and we highly encourage open and honest communication with your care team about how you feel after each visit and how your body is responding to the recommended treatment.   

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People are overly familiar with the positive outcome chiropractic care can have on back pain, however, chiropractic care can be just as successful at treating headaches. If you are suffering from headaches, schedule a consultation at RxWellness Spine & Health to discuss your symptoms with our doctor. They will listen to your concern, discuss your lifestyle habits, and determine if chiropractic care is the right option for you. The most important question to ask is what causes headaches. But once they have made a thorough diagnosis, they will work hard to help you see major improvements, however, if chiropractic care is not the right option for you, they will direct you to the correct specialist. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (240) 556-5721 or book a consultation online. We are located at 15001 Shady Grove Rd Suite 140, Rockville, MD 20850.