What’s A Natural Treatment For Shoulder Pain?

Some people work jobs that require them to sit at computer desks for long periods of time, while other people lift heavy objects above their heads all day. Regardless of the type of  work you do, if you do not utilize proper chiropractic care and practice perfect posturing and proper alignment you might find yourself in a great deal of constant pain. So much of what we do on a daily basis requires the use of our shoulders, and yet so many of us suffer from chronic shoulder pain that we are unaware of how to treat. Sometimes we might do small daily stretches in an attempt to relieve some of the pain, but without addressing the root cause of the pain we may never fully find relief. At RxWellness our chiropractors in McLean utilize natural treatment for shoulder pain and are available to help you live a pain-free life. 

Natural Treatment For Shoulder Pain

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

There are many different reasons why your shoulders might be in pain, and for some people, that reason might be obvious. For example, if you were involved in a car accident then you might already be aware of why your shoulders hurt. However, there is a large population of the country who experience shoulder pain without ever having suffered an injury, and so are unaware of the cause. Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain that are unrelated to injury are: 

  • Tight Muscles 
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis 
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Arthritis 
  • Spinal Issues 
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If you want to successfully treat chronic shoulder pain, you must first fully understand the cause. If you do not understand why your shoulders hurt, then you might never find the right treatment or you might use treatments that are ineffective or that exacerbate the pain. And of course if you’re looking to avoid main medications and surgery, a natural treatment for shoulder pain like chiropractic care might be the best solution.

Does Your Neck or Your Shoulder Hurt? 

Upper Back Pain After A Car Accident

Sometimes the brain can be very unreliable in deciphering the proper source of pain, even more so when pain radiates from the neck and shoulder region. The nerve pathways between them are so intricately intertwined that pain coming from one may be misinterpreted as originating from the other. This phenomenon is known as referred pain and is a very common occurrence in the neck and shoulders area. So how can you tell if the pain is coming from your neck or your shoulders if your brain can not? 

  • How to identify shoulder pain.
    • Pain on the outside of the underarm
    • Pain is dull and aching 
    • Pain flares up when you reach overhead 
  • How to identify neck pain. 
    • Stabbing, burning, or tingling 
    • Painful in the shoulder blades and side of the neck
    • Painful down past your elbow 

You can talk to one of our RxWellness chiropractors in McLean and they can help you pinpoint the precise location of your pain, and then discuss the best steps for natural treatment. 


How to Treat Shoulder Pain in McLean 

Our chiropractors at RxWellness are very knowledgeable about how to administer natural treatments for shoulder pain. Our goal is to correctly identify the source of the pain and then properly treat it with a drug-free approach. We use personalized chiropractic care as a natural treatment for shoulder pain to help our patients reach their wellness goals. Some of our methods include

  • Massage therapy
  • Dry needling 
  • Cupping 
  • Exercise therapy 

These methods go beyond pain management and instead attempt to correct the root source of pain. When you talk to a RxWellness doctor, they will first evaluate your symptoms and then pinpoint the proper source of the pain. Once the source is determined, they will customize a treatment plan to target and relieve the affected area. Oftentimes this means correcting misalignment. Our bodies can so easily become used to chronic pain that we may begin to accept it as part of our version of normal, but it does not have to be. At RxWellness, our chiropractors and massage therapists will work with you to devise the best course of action to help you reach a pain-free life.  

Natural Treatment For Shoulder Pain


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It is important to remember that we have more control over the pain in our bodies than we think. There are so many people who live with chronic shoulder pain simply because they always have, and are unaware that there are natural treatments for shoulder pain that can help alleviate their symptoms. It is important to get a full understanding of the pain you feel, where you feel it, and how it affects you. Talking with our doctors at RxWellness McLean and understanding how proper chiropractic care can be useful, will help you take steps to become pain-free. Our chiropractors in McLean can talk to you about possible treatment options or lifestyle adjustments that can have a dramatic improvement on your body’s relationship to pain. If your shoulders are in pain right now, just remember that you do not have to live with it. If you have any questions or you want to schedule a consultation please give us a call at 1+(703) 904 9666 or book an appointment online

Natural Treatment For Shoulder Pain