What’s The Difference Between Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy?

Seeking professional help for chronic pain or an injury is extremely necessary to heal and prevent further damage. The type of professional help can be difficult to navigate with how many options and treatments that are available. Two effective forms of treatment are chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy. RxWellness Spine & Health is a top-rated chiropractic facility with doctors that use both chiropractic and physical therapy treatment in Mclean, VA.

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Chiropractic care and physical therapy share many similarities, one of which being to return patients to optimal function for day to day life. Serious injuries once treated with proper medical care, can continue to effective treatment through personalized chiropractic and physical therapy care.

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Each treat a wide array of symptoms and sometimes can depend on the injury or the person in which one can be most effective long-term. These two are considered complementary treatments that are noninvasive and work well alongside other treatments for a patient’s rehabilitation. Residents in Tysons, Vienna and Mclean, VA come to RxWellness to seek professional guidance on their musculoskeletal issue and which treatment path is recommended for their recovery. Where these two differ, are methods and goals of overall treatment.

Treatment Philosophy

Chiropractic care has a focus on the nervous and musculoskeletal system, with pain relief and misalignment of the spine as a main goal. This type of care mostly treats pain related to the back, neck or joints. This can include common conditions like lower back pain, headaches, migraines, sports related injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome or whiplash.

Difference Between Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy

At RxWellness, our physical therapy treatment in McLean, VA  focuses on pain free movement so how the body moves and functions as whole. This is a helpful treatment option for those in an accident, overcoming an injury, off a surgery or combating chronic health conditions.

Method of Treatment

Chiropractic care is a hand-on adjustment and manipulation to help relieve pain and improve function of the body, particularly the spine, joints, cartilage, muscles and tendons. Through various methods of adjustments, chiropractors can naturally realign the spine to increase blood flow and oxygen to internal systems. With that comes improved circulation allowing for inflammation and swelling to go down. Through an initial assessment and x-ray, doctors at RxWellness can pinpoint the areas of misalignment and where nerves could be impaired by vertebrae out of place.


Difference Between Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy


Physical therapy rehabilitates strength and mobility through physical movements. Their focus is on long-term restoration of function by helping muscles heal correctly. RxWellness has developed their physical therapy treatment in McLean, VA to ensure that there is relief and corrective care, mimicking many movements done in an individual’s everyday life. Physical therapy can cater and progress a treatment plan to restore and relearn crucial functions.

Difference Between Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy

Chiropractic care and physical therapy both provide relief and can cater to each individual patient. The best way to determine which treatment is best is speaking to a professional. RxWellness Spine & Health have certified doctors at our Herndon and McLean-Tysons locations who use both treatment types to provide the best care plan necessary. If you are in need of a chiropractor or physical therapy treatment in Mclean, VA, contact our office to schedule your appointment at 703-904-9666. You can also request an appointment online at our website.