When Should I See My Chiropractor While Training?

Whether it’s a marathon or a big game, the rigors of athletic training can often result in an injury for even the most careful athlete. The good news is that help is available. If you are suffering from a number of common sports injuries, chiropractic care can reduce your recovery time, ease pain, and assist in a seamless transition back to your training in no time.


While your sport might be lower-body focused, running take a toll on your entire body and spinal column. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (more commonly referred to as “runners’ knee”) is an al-to-common running injury. An at-home R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) regime will certainly help keep runners’ knee at baby ad may solve most minor injuries, but a complicated case requires professional care. Chiropractic manipulation can place the knee joint back in its correct position, and a trained professional chiropractor will assist in developing a treatment plan to supplement your running program.

Tennis Players

The frequent use of any muscle group can result in a repetitive stress/strain injury (RSI). In the elbow, this is generally referred to as “tennis elbow” and can be a painful detraction from training. Since joint injuries are usually the result of a structural deformity and anomaly, and often create additional stress when the muscle groups try to “compensate”, it is imperative that the joints are professionally realigned. Chiropractic care will get to the root of the problem, and can be supplemented at home with the R.I.C.E. regime. With this combination, you will be back on the courts in no time!

Any Athlete

Repeated misuse or overuse of any part of the body can result in bone breakdown, and inevitably a stress fracture. These micro-traumas to the bone can be very painful and disruptive, but a well-trained chiropractor can help. By re-distributing balance around the fracture site, and examining pre-fracture activities, a professional chiropractor can help load distribution leading to quick and effective healing.