Where to Find Hip Pain Treatment in McLean?

Having to live with any type of pain can be very stressful and some of us choose to just overlook it. People from all walks of life suffer from hip pain. Being that the hip is a major joint in our body, it can affect many different aspects of our mobility. Walking normally, putting on socks or shoes, and even sitting comfortably can become a hassle when dealing with hip pain. Our ability to move is an essential part of everyday life, and when we struggle to move comfortably it can be difficult to do the simplest of things. But there is a solution. If you are searching for where to find hip pain treatment in McLean, look no further than RxWellness Spine & Health.

Hip Pain Treatment in McLean
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What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip pain can cause other areas of the body to become out of sync and that is no fun for anyone. People from a young age to the elderly can become affected by hip pain. Hip ailments can be caused by many different things such as arthritis, swelling (due to injury, trauma, or overuse), and even sciatica (one of the many nerves traveling through our hip area). 

Dysfunction in the hip joint or surrounding bones (primarily pelvic) and muscles are also contributing factors when it comes to hip pain. An upward tilt of the pelvis can lead to an impingement when the ball and socket of the hip joint has excessive contact and causes increased friction. This friction can cause damage to the hip joint leading to moderate or severe hip pain.  Pain can radiate along the affected side of the hip or buttocks area from sitting too long (causing the hip area to become stiff) or even just walking around. Don’t let your symptoms fester, seek hip pain treatment in McLean if you’re located in Northern Virginia.

Physical Therapy


Chiropractic Care Can Treat Hip Pain

Fortunately, there are methods to combat hip pain without the need for pain killers, surgery, or other invasive practices. Chiropractic care has been proven to help with hip pain tremendously. Proper alignment of your spine can be vital not only for the hip area but for our entire body. Once your body is adjusted and back in proper alignment you will notice the difference in the pain levels you may have previously felt. 

Hip Pain Treatment in McLean

Along with hip pain, aching and soreness of the waist and pelvic area can also be reduced and managed with regular chiropractic care. Adjustments from a chiropractor can help greatly in returning our bodies to normal ranges of motion without pain. No one likes to live with pain, so why not have a doctor diagnose the cause of your hip discomfort and potentially provide a treatment plan that can help to alleviate this problem. 

There are various techniques that a Chiropractor can utilize for hip pain treatment. From high velocity to low force techniques, a Chiropractor can recommend a treatment plan based on the severity of your hip condition. These treatments can be life changing when we find the right doctor and obtain the pain relief we so desperately may need. Health is wealth and we only have one body in which to live out our days, so why struggle with any type of pain if you can do something about it? You owe it to yourself and your body will thank you for it! So if you’re looking for hip pain treatments in McLean check us out!


Why Choose RxWellness Spine & Health for Hip Pain Treatment in McLean

Hip Pain Treatment in McLean

At RxWellness we have a top-rated chiropractic and wellness team who provide hip pain treatment in McLean, VA. Our services at the McLean wellness clinic include:

  • chiropractic care
  • massage therapy
  • rehabilitation/physiotherapy
  • electro therapy
  • spinal decompression
  • cold laser therapy

The doctors customize the patients’ treatment plan based on their condition and needs. 

We believe in using natural, non-surgical hip pain treatment such as chiropractic care, so that our patients can experience natural pain relief instead of resorting to expensive surgery. 

Call our office today at 703-904-9666 to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to see if chiropractic care is right for you. You can also request an appointment online at our website. 

Hip Pain Treatment in McLean