Who Treats Whiplash in Arlington?

Sometimes things happen that are outside our control and we are left dealing with any unfortunate consequences. Owning an automobile in Arlington for example, provides freedom of mobility but might place us in situations that leave us vulnerable to painful injuries. Whiplash is one possible consequence that can result from an automobile accident, so knowing who treats whiplash in Arlington can help you gauge and manage long term pain. 

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What is Whiplash? 

Whiplash is the forceful back and forth movement of the neck both quickly and painfully. This is the motion you make when you nod your head yes, except it is exaggerated and forceful. For example, being rear-ended can cause this action, and if the force of the vehicle is considerable  the damage can range anywhere from mild soreness to chronic pain. Symptoms may include pain in the neck, loss of range of motion, or tenderness when moving your head forward and back or side to side. Other severe symptoms may include:

    • Fatigue 
    • Tingling or numbness in the arm 
    • Dizziness 
    • Difficulty concentrating 
    • Irregularities with sleep 
    • Memory problems

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What Are Some Typical Whiplash Treatments? 

Neck pain caused by whiplash can be very uncomfortable because no matter our profession, we use our neck muscles daily when we answer yes, answer no, and even when we cross the street safely. Typically, whiplash is treated with over-the-counter medications (i.e. acetaminophen or ibuprofen) to ease mild pain or prescribed muscle relaxants to alleviate more severe pain. However, these over the counter medications only mask  the pain and do not address the root of the problem. Your doctor may also encourage you to do some neck stretches or rotations to help increase or regain any range of motion that might have been lost, but ultimately, it is recommend to see a chiropractic who specializes in treating whiplash.

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How RxWellness treats Whiplash in Arlington

If you’ve been looking for who treats whiplash in Arlington look no further than RxWellness Spine Health. At RxWellness, we take a less traditional approach to whiplash treatment by addressing the whole problem as opposed to just the most painful parts. Typically whiplash victims are given painkillers, and while painkillers do a good job at stopping the immediate pain, they are only temporary. They do not correct any misalignment of the neck or help heal any damaged muscles. As soon as the dosage wears off the pain might return to its original intensity so long as the root problem is not addressed. At RxWellness, we aim to correct the issue, not just manage the symptoms. We do this through chiropractic care, exercise therapy, and massage therapy.


Chiropractic Care

Our licensed chiropractors in Arlington provide an expert well of knowledge on how to care for any chronic pain that may be the result of whiplash. They provide spinal adjustments to help realign parts of the spinal cord that might have shifted during an automobile accident. A spinal adjustment is a safe amount of pressure that the chiropractor will apply to the spinal cord to regain the natural alignment in the spine before the accident. This is important because a misaligned spine can contribute to considerable pain, which may result in significant delays in healing. 

Exercise Therapy 

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Exercise therapy is a vital tool in rehabilitating the neck. Our goal is to create an exercise plan specific to your personal needs and the needs of your injured neck that will greatly reduce your healing time. While working with our certified doctors in Arlington, we will develop a middle ground where you can rehabilitate the pain in your muscles by doing just the right amount of work to strengthen your neck muscles without the risk of reinjury.

Massage Therapy 

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Massage therapy is well known to be a useful tool in treating sore or damaged muscles. It helps relax injured muscles by improving blood flow to the affected area and speed up overall healing time. Here at RxWellness in Arlington, a major advantage of having your massage therapist and your chiropractor in the same building is the open lines of communication which will greatly improve your overall condition and rehabilitation timelines. When you are adjusted by our licensed chiropractor, they can then meet with your licensed massage therapist and together plan the best way to move forward with a treatment where you receive the maximum benefit from both experts. 


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What You Can Expect From RxWellness in Arlington

We will provide a customizable approach specific to each patient and their needs. We do not have a set list of prearranged treatments, simply because we do not provide a one-size-fits-all type of care. Our doctors work with you and get to know your injury, this way they can show you what exercises will work for you and only you. They take time to go over everything slowly and carefully to ensure they provide the best chiropractic care. Once we have worked out your specialized routine, our doctors recommend that you work with them a few times before trying it on your own. This is how we provide quality whiplash treatment, by making sure you are only doing the correct techniques that will provide noticeable improvement. 

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Feeling relief from Whiplash, as with many auto accident injuries, will depend on you. Your healing time will depend on how fast you take control of your resources and utilize them effectively. So if you’re looking for someone who treats whiplash in Arlington, our chiropractic and massage therapist in Arlington are here and ready to help you move past any pain and suffering. Please give us a call if you have more questions at +1-571-348-1540 or request an appointment online.