Who Treats Whiplash in Rockville MD

Who Treats Whiplash in Rockville MD? 

If you were recently involved in an auto accident collision, and experiencing intense pain in your neck, shoulders, or even at the base of your skull then there is a chance that you might be suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is simply the term used to describe a strain in the neck or the neck and shoulders after being involved in an accident. If you suspect you might have sustained a whiplash injury, and are looking for a doctor who treats whiplash in Rockville MD, then it is time to contact the qualified chiropractic team at RxWellness Spine & Health. 

RxWellness Treats Whiplash in Rockville MD

What is Whiplash 

Many people associate whiplash as a car accident-related injury, however, it is simply a term used to describe a neck injury where the neck is forcibly jerked forward and then immediately backward. An auto accident, specifically, a rear-end collision is the most common way that a person can sustain a whiplash injury, however, some other accidents that can cause the same jerking head movement include: 

  • Horseback Riding 
  • Contact Sports (Football, Hockey, Karate, etc.)  
  • Cycling accident 
  • Falling in a way that the head is forcibly jerked forward and then back 
  • Any other type of violent contact to the head 

If you experienced any of the above injuries and are now suffering from whiplash, then the tendons and ligaments in the neck have been stretched and torn beyond their normal range of motion. This will result in intense pain in the neck that may also spread down through the shoulders or even through the lower back 

RxWellness Treats Whiplash in Rockville MD

Symptoms of Whiplash 

After a major accident, most people are in shock, and when you are in shock you might not be able to feel the full force of your injuries immediately. Sometimes it may take a few hours or a few days after the initial impact for the full symptoms to develop. This is why it is important to always get yourself checked out after being involved in any type of accident. 

Some mild symptoms of whiplash include: 

  • Neck Pain or Stiffness 
  • Headache localized at the base of the skull 
  • blurred vision
  •  Dizziness 

Some severe symptoms of whiplash include: 

  • Ringing in the ears 
  • Unable to sleep 
  • Chronic neck, shoulder, and headaches 
  • Problems concentrating or problems with memory 

RxWellness Treats Whiplash in Rockville MD

How Do You Diagnose Whiplash 

Your doctor will ask you a series of questions that will help them make their diagnosis. They may ask how the injury occurred (car accident, cycling incident, contact sports), the intensity of the pain (dull, shoot, sharp), and the affected areas (neck, shoulder, low back). They may also check your range of motion, and order tests to help them determine the extent of the injury. If necessary, they may recommend that you complete an X-Ray, CT, MRI, or PET scan.  

Treatments for Whiplash 

In most cases, whiplash symptoms are mild and easily treatable, and most people recover without long-term or chronic discomfort. It is always recommended that you see a doctor after sustaining any type of injury, and if your symptoms are mild the doctor may simply advise you to rest. 

Some simple and traditional treatments for whiplash include: 

  • Ice the neck for 15 min every 3-4 hours for 2-3 days. 
  • Use heat after any swelling has gone down. This could mean applying a warm damp cloth to the area or taking a warm bath. 
  • If your doctors recommend it, you can get a neck brace for a short amount of time to provide support to the muscles. 

At RxWellness Spine & Health in Rockville, your doctor might recommend: 

  • Soft tissue manipulation with our licensed massage therapist to help relax and relieve the muscles 
  • Electrotherapy treatment to help reduce pain, strengthen the muscles, and increase range of motion. 
  • Cupping helps increase blood flow and improve circulation to the affected area.  

RxWellness Treats Whiplash in Rockville MD

RxWellness Spine & Health for Whiplash 

When you book a consultation at RxWellness Spine & Health in Rockville, the chiropractor will take time to listen to your symptoms and your list of concerns. They may also highly recommend that you take an x-ray of the injured area to help them make the best recommendations for treatment. At RxWellness Rockville, we always provide our patients with a recommended treatment plan that fits their specific needs. If you are suffering from whiplash, the doctor will make sure he understands the full extent of your injury so he can provide the proper treatments that will help you see the most results in the best time frame possible.  

RxWellness Treats Whiplash in Rockville MD

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If you suspect you might have whiplash, the best thing you can do for your long-term recovery is seek chiropractic care immediately. The entire situation can be painful, but working with the qualified chiropractic team at RxWellness Spine & Health can make the overall healing process a more positive one. If you are still wondering who treats whiplash in Rockville MD then it is time to contact RxWellness Spine and Health at 1+(703) 904 9666 with all your questions. You can also book a consultation online. We are located at 15001 Shady Grove Rd Suite 140, Rockville, MD 20850.