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Liam has noticed persistent ankle pain every morning when he gets out of bed. The pain isn’t unbearable and is just slightly on the side of being uncomfortably noticeable. It comes and goes, and sometimes he’ll feel it when he’s walking from the car or walking through the grocery store. It isn’t consistent and so he’s been able to ignore it so far, but he knows he should probably take some time to look into it. This morning when he woke up and he felt the pain again, he Googled, why do I have ankle pain when walking, but didn’t get an answer he believed was relevant to him. 

Chronic ankle pain can be extremely frustrating, and can consistently get in the way of you being able to participate in fun and active hobbies, like hiking, dancing, or soccer. An ankle injury can also be very tricky because when you injure the ankle once, it significantly increases your chances of re-injury. It can also be difficult to diagnose because in some cases it can be a symptom of a larger issue that starts at the knee, the hip, or the low back. When you work with the RxWellness Spine & Health integrated medical team, we can help heal ankle pain by uncovering the source and providing a carefully crafted treatment plan. Schedule your consultation today, and begin working with the best medical professionals in Arlington.  chiropractic treatment of patient

Why Do I Have Ankle Pain When Walking? 

Ankle pain can be the result of a variety of reasons that include normal wear, injury, arthritis, or even upper leg and back problems. Mild ankle pain normally improves with rest and ice, but chronic pain might require the aid of a chiropractic professional. 

How Can I Reduce Ankle Pain 

Chiropractic care is the best form of treatment for ankle pain, but some things you can do to reduce ankle pain include:

*Please check with your doctor before trying any of these recommendations. 

  • Stretching the ankle
    • You can develop daily routines that focus on flexibility and mobility to reduce stiffness in the ankle muscles. 
  • Strengthening the ankle  
    • You can practice resistance training with a towel. 
    • You can also work with a trainer to learn how to safely add weights. 
  • Bracing the ankle
    • If you are doing an extraneous activity, like moving furniture, bracing the ankle can be a good way to stabilize it. 
    • You can also do this if you already have a known issue with that ankle.  

Chiropractic Care For Ankle Pain

Ankle misalignment can be a major contributor to chronic ankle pain while walking. This misalignment can cause joint instability, which can create pulling on the surrounding muscles and lead to constant pain while walking. When you work with a RxWellness Arlington chiropractor, they can realign the ankle joint to promote stability and reduce muscle pain. 

Other conditions can also contribute to chronic ankle pain. For example, a misaligned hip can contribute to uneven legs, which can affect your ankles by making them more susceptible to sprain. Working with qualified chiropractors can provide a more complete and comprehensive quality of care, and when you work with the RxWellness Arlington team, you will also receive soft tissue treatment in addition to joint care. 

Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain

RxWellness Spine & Health 

When you schedule a consultation with the RxWellness Arlington care team, we will complete a detailed diagnosis to uncover the source of the problem. Ankle pain can be the result of different reasons, so we need to understand the root cause of the problem so we can provide appropriate treatment. An incorrect diagnosis can lead to an ineffective care plan that provides no relief.

The RxWellness ankle pain chiropractor will likely take x-rays and complete tests to help determine how and why you are experiencing pain. You are encouraged to be open and honest during the consultation process and provide any relevant information, regardless of how insignificant you think it might be. The more we know, the better we can customize your recovery plan. 

When you work with a RxWellness Arlington chiropractor, we will help you better understand why you constantly have ankle pain while walking, how we can help alleviate the problem, and what you can do to make sure it does not return. Treating the problem is half the journey, making sure it stays gone is the other. We will provide you with everything you need to take control of your wellness, and we are always available for check-ins and questions.  

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If you are struggling with ankle pain and have tried googling “Why do I have ankle pain when walking,” more times than you should, then it’s time to give chiropractic care a chance. The RxWellness Spine & Health integrated medical team is here to help you better understand your body, what is contributing to chronic pain, and what you can do to alleviate it. Pain isn’t something you should have to live with, so let us help you move past it. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call at (571) 348-1541 or book an appointment online. We are located at 932 N Highland St Suite A, Arlington, VA 22201.